Friday, March 30, 2007


In this long, drawn out process of saying goodbye to MSU, the time has come. I am now in the final minutes of my Time Spent in the Forest Products Lab. In another 36 minutes I will no longer be able to stretch out in this somewhat-comfy computer chair and write my blog entries. As soon as I throw out my few remaining samples (I need to do that before I forget) there will be nothing in the fridges or freezers that belongs to me. I will not be included in another "Celebratory Lunch" or "Good Morning doughnuts" curtesy of boss lady. All the other workers (besides boss lady, coworker/grad student Grant, and ex-supervisor lady) have left for the day so I sit here (nearly) alone. Our lunch today was really nice and I even got a piece of this delicious Turtle Cheesecake to take home with me!
I have plans to attend the Super Bulldog Weekend events tomorrow with Grant and his wife (I'll probably take Guapo, too). That will be my last MSU event (unless R and I decide to be involved and go to the baseball game on Sunday--not very likely) until I come back as a distinguished alum and have my season tickets in the Club Level (hey, it's only $1000 for the season) to watch the best football--SEC Football!
Now it's time to head home and give the smelly dog a haircut and bath. It is finally time for me to move on. Yeah, move on.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ready To Go

So, here's the gameplan: Tomorrow is my last day as an MSU employee. This weekend I will partake in my last Bulldog Bash event (eating my way through pounds of barbecue pork). Next week I will complete the pre-determined packing arrangement and have a "test-run" fitting everything (including the animals) in the truck. (Speaking of the truck, I'm supposed to be getting a new window this afternoon. The boss and mechanic guys at the landscaping company were very nice and took all my information yesterday. Thank goodness!) Either Thursday night or Friday morning (next week) R and I will pack up the truck and head off into the sunset. We should arrive in NM by Saturday morning, giving us the day to just relax (and get the cats acclimated to living with two other cats). Sunday, my gramma is hosting an Easter cookout, which we will both attend. Monday morning R will fly back to MS. He has a few days off work, so he can spend Tues and Wed with his family. I will return to MS mid-May, pick up a moving truck, help R pack up our stuff from storage, and we will make our final trip back to NM.
Since this may be sad news for some family members (mom & gramma--I wish I could visit with y'all before I leave!!), I'm including a few very cute pictures of my cats.
Reina says: "Don't tell me I'm fat, see how well I fit in this narrow windowsill!!"

"Momma says I shouldn't put my 'fat head' in the blinds, but I don't think she'll mind if I just push them aside."

Nabi offers her help organizing the important documents in our filing cabinet. I try to explain to her that she's mostly just in the way.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anxiety Inducers

Last night I had a dream that we drove to New Mexico. When we got into Albuquerque, we passed up the place that I'll be working at (it's right off the interstate), so I decided to drive by there and show R. We stopped at the building and there were a lot of people everywhere (walking, jogging, riding bikes), so we decided to ride our bikes, too. We asked for directions to the "trail" (apparently there was a "trail" that leads from downtown right into my parent's neighborhood). R and I rode all over the place and ended up lost! We decided to split on the trail and whoever found their way first would call the other. Well, I just got lost even worse, and I had no reception on my cell phone!

For the past couple of days I've had an upset tummy! It's not nausea or diarrhea, just a constant gurgling feeling in the pit of my stomach! I think it's just nerves, but I also haven't been very hungry lately! Blech! What great timing to be feeling not well!

Today, my coworker had a flat tire and he asked me to go with him to the tire shop so I could give him a ride back to work. So, I did. On the way back to work, I decided to stop at Sonic to get a drink (cherry limeade, yum). Well, we're sitting there waiting for my drink, and I'm counting out change to pay when SMACK, CRACK, KAB-OOSH!!
The guy who was weedeating the median between Sonic and Captain D's hit a rock and it flew into my front passenger window!! The glass busted all over my coworker (he didn't even get a scratch, thankfully) and scared the $*&# out of me!! I jumped out of the truck and got the weedeater guy's attention: raising arms in the air, yelling out "hey! HEY!," and pointing at my truck. He cut off the weedeater and looked at me like I was crazy. I said "Yeah, um, you just busted out my window, man!" The other yard guy came over and they called their boss (they work for a landscaping LLC) to report the accident. They gave me the number and I asked for the weedeater guy's name (he seemed hesitant to give it to me). I called the company and gave them my information. Oh, and I did take pictures of their work truck, the spot he was weedeating, and the glass all over my truck. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from the boss guy. If I don't hear something by 2, I'll call again, I mean, I really would like to have all my windows intact!
I just wonder, what are the chances of this happening? Why was it me? The guy next to me pulled out of his spot a few minutes after it happened and asked what was going on. I told him and he said "Wow." I said "Yeah, just think, it could've been You!" Funny thing (not really funny, actually, it kinda makes me mad) is that the weedeater guy never even apologized!! I know, really! Jerk! Like it was my fault for stopping at Sonic!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Gift in a Red Box

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. It was sitting on the doorstep when I got home after work. I knew AJ was sending something to me, but I didn't expect it to get here so quickly.
Inside the regular brown box was this adorable Red Box. There was also a magazine from the "Red Envelope" company.

Wrapped in pretty blue paper, inside the Red Box, was this adorable little gift:

The note that came with the gift explained the gift as AJ's "commemoration" of my New Job that came to me on the week of St. Patrick's Day. Hence, the glass-enacased, framed, four-leaf clover. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

Oh, and for the family members who don't know, R and I will be driving to NM on Easter weekend. He will fly back either Sunday or Monday. I will be back in May (around the 18th) to get a truck and help him pack up our stuff. So, I don't think there is any way I will be able to make it to the coast to visit before I go. But, I will be there for at least a day (when I come back in May), and I hope I can see you all then!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is in the Air

Out of curiousity, would y'all please leave a comment for me--and tell me what your current temperature/weather conditions are?
Here, it is partly cloudy, winds 5-10mph, and hot. It's the first day of spring, and it already feels like the beginning of summer! I'm so happy to realize that last summer was, in fact, my last summer in Mississippi! Don't get me wrong, New Mexico is hot, too. But, I think I can survive much easier without the humidity!
During my 1-2 week visits to NM over the past couple of summers I've realized how much I love:
Less humidity = less sweat!
Less humidity = un-frizzy hair!
Less humidity = no AC, fans (and "swampcoolers") work great!

I'm getting closer to being less excited and more sad about leaving. I'll still be heading out Easter weekend, but the exact details (i.e. flying vs driving) are still in the works. R and I really need to figure that out soon! And, since this all came up so fast, I'm trying to figure out when/how I'll be able to get down to the coast to visit with my in-laws (mom, sister, and grammas) before I leave! Maybe I'll just have to take a trip down there by myself after the 1st? Better yet, I'll try to convince R to go with me on his days off!
Okay, back to work for me--you know, I am still an MSU employee! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tha Partay's Ova Here!

Tha partay's ova there!
This weekend we're having a "little shindig" in celebration of R's birthday (the big? 2-6) and my New Job. It had started out as a surprise b'day party for him, but I accidentally spilled the beans (and I'm usually so good about not telling surprises) a few days ago. You have to know, though, that R is an incredibly tough cookie when it comes to hiding stuff. See, I was trying to tell him this funny story about best-bud AJ's "psycho" girlfriend when I mentioned her coming to visit this weekend. He didn't even hear the rest of the story, because he was stuck on "Why is she coming to visit?" I told him that she was coming to celebrate the New Job and to help us pack. He immediately asked, "How long ago did you plan this visit?" See, all this happened the day after I found out about the New Job, so he knew that we had planned her visit before I knew I had the job... Anyways, he found out and we (I) decided to make it into a "Dual Celebration."
Last Friday I made up these cute little invitations and he frowned when I showed him! I mean, what's that supposed to mean? Does he think they're ugly, or silly, or just unnessesary? How else would we "formally" invite the few (20 or so) friends we do have, tell them the appropriate time to arrive, announce that we will provide food & drinks, and supply directions to the house?
Today I handed a few out (mostly to the people I work with) and it was fun! They're like, "Oh, you're having a party? Cool!" And I'm like, "Yeah, but it's nothing fancy, just a little thing to get together, hang out, and eat." And they're like, "That sounds like fun, I'll be there." And I'm like... just kidding. :) I like to joke like that (how, like, valley girls talk, you know, like this) to bug R.
Well, this morning he "forgot" to grab his bunch of inviations, so he can't be mad at me when none of his friends show up, right? Oh, and in case you were wondering, You're Invited, Too!!
Today's Tally: Mom has called 4 times, and it's not even 5:00.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Needed An Excuse

Since about 10:00 this morning, I have been going nonstop! We got out of bed a little before 9, had breakfast, ran a few errands, and have been home the rest of the day. With 3 weeks (what?? Can it really be only 3 weeks??) left until I leave, I am starting to realize how much I really need to do.
Today I:
Cleaned the bathroom (threw away all the stuff we don't use, empited the storage closet, cleaned--and I do mean cleaned--the tub and shelf-thingy, organized R's bathroom things so they're not scattered everywhere).
Sorted my clothes (threw out all things that had holes/bleach stains/or just don't fit, packed up winter clothes in a separate bin--now if only I could remember where I put my summer clothes, set aside things that I don't wear/don't fit that can be yard sold).
Packed another 3 boxes of kitchen stuff (champagne glasses, margarita glasses, and coffee mugs--you know, all the things that are extremely breakable, utensils we don't use very often, "china" dishes, blender/chopper/various small appliances, threw out old food stuff, and set aside a lot of dishes for the yard sale).
Started on the file cabinet (throwing out old utility bills, shredding bank and credit card statements that are way old, set up a small "portable" file cabinet for those papers that we need to keep with us--birth certificates, marriage license, insurance paperwork, and got a good laugh at some of the things I thought were important enough to keep).
On top of all that, I also gave both cats and the dog a bath, cleaned up dog poo, and helped R with the jeep (don't even ask, that's a little sore subject right now) and clean up his stuff in the shed! Needless to say, my back is killing me--oh, and I'm starving! Now, R is outside pressure-washing the driveway (he made a heckuva mess) and I needed and excuse to sit down and relax--you're it!

Oh yeah, in case you were wondering (the cat's already out of the bag--I told mom yesterday) I start my New Job on April 11! That means I'll probably fly (Gulfport --> Albuquerque) sometime on Easter weekend. Um, and yeah, I'm starting to get a little sad...

Friday, March 16, 2007

I can't think of a title that would even begin to describe all the things going through my mind right now. I have the date picked--for when I will begin my job. I'd tell you, but shhh! I don't want to tell my mom yet. R and I are discussing modes of transportation (looks like a better idea for us if I just fly over there with Guapo). And, we now are in possesion of a 10% down payment for our house. How did this happen? I mean, I remember filling out applications and putting up the "For Sale" sign, but how did it happen? I will complete my 3-month stint here (mostly for sentimental reasons) in 2 weeks. Soon after that, I will be headed off to The Land of Enchantment. During the time between now and then I have at least a million things to do (arrange, organize, situate, plan, employ, perform, complete)!
There are the technical things that I just cannot leave for R: schedule utility disconnects, fill-out change of address forms, purchase car renewals (tags and insurance). There are the silly-me things that I cannot leave for R: reorganize the storage shed, pack up dishes and other breakables, organize important papers from the filing cabinet. And there are all those last minute things that only I can do: pack my clothes, throw out non-essentials, final heavy-duty housecleaning.
I also have to set up a schedule for him including: bills-to-pay (local), trash days, and litterbox/dog poo clean-up. Along with the bills-to-pay I have to leave pre-written checks and deposit slips. I have to make sure that he has enough snacks, cokes, catfood, litter, toilet paper, and laundry soap to last a month. I have to hold a Yard Sale (looks like next Sat morning) to get rid of all this stuff we piled up in the living room and shed. I am also planning a "Double Celebration" party: Happy Birthday (R) and New Job (Me) for next Sat evening. Best bud AJ is coming, though, and she kinda owes me from all the work we did those 2 weekends at her new house, so I'll have an extra pair of hands. I have to complete some very important paperwork (State taxes) that has been irritating me--I mean, why does the online program say we'll get $20 back (but charges $30 to file) and my manual figures come up with us owing $40?? Do all state's taxes have "levels" (some portion taxed at 3%, some portion taxed at 4%, and the remaining portion taxed at 5%)?? I'm also still trying to get my manuscript (for publishing) complete, but my boss has been hanging on to it for nearly a month.
Once I can get past all those things, I still have the jitters about starting a New Job. In a New Place. With New People. Will the people at my New Job like me? Will I be able to find my way to the DOH without getting lost in a bad neighborhood? Do I know enough to not look/sound like an idiot in their lab? What will their dress code be? Will I have to wear "slacks" and "heels"?? (Oh, please! I hope not!)
I'll be one of those people who moves back in with her parents! I'll be living in a house where it probably isn't okay to walk around in... uh... my pajamas... R and I can't cuddle on the couch and watch our shows--in fact, we won't even be together when Heroes comes back on! Oh, I changed my mind! I don't wanna go!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

See my new title??

Go ahead and glance up there, I'll wait...
Okay, now that you're back... OMG! Isn't that just fantastic??? Okay, let me go back a day. Yesterday the Boss Lady at the job I'm so interested in let me know that she was trying to get in touch with my references. She described it as a game of "phone tag."
Anyways, this afternoon I had an email from her that she had gotten in touch with one of them and asked how I felt about xyz salary. I told her it was great, and asked a few details about the job benefits. An hour later she emailed again that all she needed to do was have a "second interview" with me and the rest of her Lab Group and I should be approved. I told her thanks and that I looked forward to talking with her. Then, she emailed me back "when can you start?" I offered to come "whenever" if she would tell me a date that she wanted me to start. She said that she'd be "thrilled" if I could start tomorrow, but she'd let me figure out my moving plans and as soon as I give them the date, they will contact me for information to complete my "Official Hire Paperwork."
I don't know how much I should talk about this job... especially since I haven't even started yet, but I will say that the description sounds very, very interesting to a Lab Rat like me!! So, R and I are discussing the hows and whens of the next couple of weeks, and it looks like... by April 8 or 9 I will be a new resident of the great state of New Mexico!
As if that news wasn't awesome enough, we also have someone who wants to buy the house! No, really! We put the "For Sale" sign up on Monday afternoon and have already had 4 people come and look at it. Yesterday evening a lady met us after dinner and "just loved" it! 15 minutes after she drove off, she called back and asked what we needed to "hold" it for her! I told her to call back today and I'd let her know. So, we decided that she would give us half of the price now and we will take down the sign. Then, she will be required to pay the rest by May 18, 2 weeks before she wants to move in! Do you know how perfect that is? That gives R a month here to keep working and "close up shop" around the house--then he collects the rest of the $$ and joins me in NM!! She's supposed to be coming over soon to sign the "Earnest Deposit" and give us some $$!
Wow! All I can say is that sometimes we need to just step back and Count Our Blessings!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've never considered myself an insomniac, although I do occassionally have a difficult time falling asleep. I think I've taken tylenol pm maybe twice in my life--never anything stronger than that. But, last night I had it bad. I was in bed by 9:30 and tossed and turned until about 11:30 when I decided to do something... balance the checkbook. It's not like money was on my mind, I just knew it was something I needed to do, it wouldn't take very long, and it would help make me sleepy. I wrote out the checks for bills that are due over the next couple of weeks, I put our tax stuff together in an envelope (leaving the form out for R to sign), and I wrote out our monthly budgets for April and May. After completing that, I wrote down the ideas I had for blog posts--why is it that when I sit down in front of the computer, I can't thing of a thing to say, but I lay awake at night coming up with lists and lists of things to share?? Anyways, by 12:00 I was finished and thoroughly tired.
This morning I managed to get up before R left for work (at 7:30) and, strangely, I felt refreshed. I had a cup of french press coffee, hot oatmeal, got all the trash out, and made it to work in time to clock-in my 8 hours (my goal for the next 2.5 weeks is to clock-in my max (8) hours to get the best paycheck, ever)! Wow! Don't I feel spectacular for having such a positive, productive day!
Then, imagine my surprise when I got a call around 12 asking about the house (we put up the For Sale sign yesterday). It was a nice lady looking for a place for her son who will be a freshman this fall--could I meet her at 1 to show them the inside--YES! They were really nice and I think *crosses fingers* they really were interested! Actually, they weren't the first to ask about it! Yesterday, less than an hour after we put up the sign, some guys driving by stopped and asked R for a "tour" and seemed somewhat interested! Are things finally looking up for us? You have to realize, there are places in our neighborhood that have been "For Sale" for months (a few have even been up for over a year)! Our two main selling points are 1.The Shed--it's just awesome and 2.It's cheap! We just want to get rid of the place quickly and painlessly, so we're extremely "Motivated Sellers!"
So, I'm down to my last 2.5 weeks here at MSU. I probably could get a little sad if I let myself, but I'm thinking ahead, to the big bright future, and I know we have Great Things Coming! Oh, and, a little birdie told me that the Job I Really Want called for my references yesterday, so there's that. Now, we're pricing Uhauls and plane tickets in an attempt to plan my Big Escape From Mississippi. Hey, I'll be easy, it's R, my little southern boy, who's going to be like uprooting a 100-year-old oak tree!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Laugh out Loud!!

If this Family Guy clip doesn't make you LOL, you might need some professional help.
I have the makings of a better post... but for now I'm keeping it all right up here *points at head.* Please, send happy, happy thoughts our way--I'm expecting a few very important calls this week! (I know I've been saying that a lot lately, but this time I really mean it!)
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fortune Cookies

Over the past month, R and I have eaten chinese food twice. I've been stashing the fortunes from our respective cookies with the intention of sharing their absurdity with you. As you know, I am currently in Job Seeking mode. R is in "Let's Get Out of Here" mode. So, here's what the fortune cookie fates have described for us:

R #1: People rise to your expectations.
C #1: This is a night for love and affection.

R #2: When you awaken tomorrow, solutions to your problems will become clear.
C #2: Loving is sharing rainbows of happiness.

So, R will have people taking care of him, and "solutions" coming? And I will have affection and "rainbows of happiness?" How is this fair? Where is my "Today you will find your dream job" cookie? I would even be happy with "Big changes are underway."

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

April 23

Okay, I'm not confused by what day it is today... I'm just pointing out the fact that our show, Heroes, will not be on again until April 23! In case you haven't been "sucked in" as badly as we have, here's the deal. Back in October we started watching this show. It comes on Monday nights at 8 and is awesome! There were 8 or 9 episodes and then, sometime in November, at the end of the episode, we were told that Heroes would be returning on January 22. So, we waited... and waited... and waited. January 22 rolled around, and it was back! Since then, we've watched another 8 or 9 episodes (even rushing home from weekend trips to Gulfport to make it back in time) and this Monday, at the end of the episode, we were told that Heroes would be returning on April 23! That's a month and a half! Who knows where we'll be by then!
Why do they do this to us? Is it a test of loyalty? Is it to increase the ratings? Do people watch less tv during these times of the year and they don't want anyone to miss their show? What's the deal? And, why are we so into this show that the thought of missing an episode makes me feel a little sad?
You know, I don't watch a lot of tv (at least by comparison to most of the people I know). I have to watch my General Hospital. We like Family Guy so much we bought all 4 seasons on DVD. And, I've watched most episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld. Besides that, I could pretty much do without tv. But, then they bring about something like Heroes. Something that speaks to the inner hero in me, that makes me love and hate the characters, that makes me anxious to find out what happens next.
Anyways, I know this isn't important in The Bigger Picture. But, it's still annoying. It's somebody messing with my routine. And I like my routine very much, thank you!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Three Words Meme

My attempt to "Answer the questions using only three words (no more, no less)."

1. Where is your cell phone? In left pocket
2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Still happily married
3. Hair? brown, in ponytail
4. Your mother? will probably call
5. Your father? teaches fifth graders!
6. Your favorite item(s)? phone, laptop, book
7. Your dream last night? Party at Amanda's
8. Your favorite drink? southern sweet tea
9. Your dream guy/girl? high school sweetheart
10. The room you are in? working in lab
11. Your fear? out of control
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? mother, wife, happy
13. Who did you hang out with last night? hubby and cats
14. What are you not? a good cook
15. Are you in love? yes, with R
16. One of your wish list items? Dean Koontz book
17. What time is it? almost eleven o'clock
18. The last thing you did? poured a gel
19. What are you wearing? the same clothes
20. Your favorite book? House of Thunder
21. The last thing you ate? vanilla pop tart
22. Your life? ready to begin
23. Your mood? anxious, excited, ready
24. Your friends? quality not quantity
25. What are you thinking about right now? Need a Job
26. Your car? maroon nissan xterra
27. What are you doing at this moment? answering these questions
28. Your summer? out of Mississippi!
29. Your relationship status? married 2.5 years
30. What is on your TV screen? tv at work?
31. When is the last time you laughed? last night's movie
32. Last time you cried? talking about Gordo
33. School? finished! ...for now...