Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24

It's my birthday, and I'm just getting off from a nearly-full day at work. I say nearly-full because we had a long lunch (out) today. My original idea had been "Potluck Payday" (as in, every Friday that's a payday, we'd bring in random dishes and have a "pot luck" lunch). Well, I think everyone liked the idea, and we had decided on Frito Pies. One co-worker offered to make the beans and chili, but at the last minute, he decided that he didn't "wanna" cook. Instead, he suggested eating lunch "out." So, we went further downtown to a Japanese Gril/Sushi restaurant. It was pretty good... but left me feeling in desperate need of a NAP!
Tomorrow, at some ungodly hour, I will be leaving the house, "hitching" a ride to the airport, and meeting R in Gulfport. After 6.5 weeks of being apart, I am only a day away from seeing him again! Our weekend is planned out, nearly to the minute, and it will be a Hectic one! I arrive in Gulfport at 11:30. We pick up the truck at 1:00 (I "upsized" to a 22 foot truck--from a 16 footer yesterday, then got a phone call this morning that there weren't any 22 footers available, so we were "upsized" again to a 26 foot truck! Yes, that means we'll practically be driving a semi-truck halfway across the country!) After picking up the truck, I plan to drop by best-bud, AJ's house to see her and the fiance for a little while. Then, we'll head up to my MIL's house to hang out (and probably have dinner) with her, SIL, and nephew. Later (but hopefully not too late) we'll drive up to Starkville. Once there, we'll find a decent hotel where we can crash for the night. Early Saturday, we'll get to packing our stuff (move it all from storage to truck), this is the part I'm least sure about--I really hope it doesn't take us all day! Saturday night we'll have dinner (maybe with some friends) and take it easy. Late (I'm talking 10 or 11) Saturday night (or early Sunday morning) we'll hit the road again. 18 to 20 hours later, we'll finally be "home" again. That is assuming that, together, R and I can make New Mexico feel like "home." (I'm betting that we can.)
I would write more, but it's getting late, and I offered to go pick up little sis from her "fundraiser" thing. Wish me luck for this weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2007

GH addict

Hi, my name is Celina, and I am addicted to General Hospital.
*hi celina*
I'll be the first to admit it. I have nothing to hide. I watched the show occassionally through high school (mostly during the summer when I had nothing better to do). But, my true addiction didn't start until my sophomore year of college. At that time, my roommate, Andria, was an addict and watched it every single day. Since we had the same class (Spanish 4) at 3 on Mon, Wed, Fri, I'd wait around with her and watch it before class. After only a few weeks, I was entirely caught-up on everbody's current story line. That was back in the fall semester, 2000.
Since then, I have managed to keep up with the show--although there have been some semesters that I was only able to watch one day a week. I even "found" the Ladies Lounge in our old student Union--where soaps were on all afternoon. I was so happy during those 1.5 years we had satellite, because I didn't have to worry about missing it at 2--it came on the SoapNet again at 9! And, if I still managed to miss it, Saturday, they'd show all 5 episodes, twice!!
In my grad school days, I scheduled my time so that I could take my lunch breaks around the GH schedule (2-3pm). I considered myself extremely fortunate to be able to have this kind of schedule... but I didn't know what to expect when I started a real job and wouldn't be able watch it every day. I thought that maybe Id have to invest in a Tivo or DVR? (Yes, this is something I have to consider with deep thought.)
It's hard to believe that I could be so caught up in the "lives" of these fictional characters. But, when you've seen kids literally grow up on the show--now they're my age--you can relate. And, you can watch all the drama that unfolds and tell yourself: "At least that would never happen to me!" And, it's fun to see how the storylines unfold, how the secrets that originated last year come to the surface today, and when characters love each other so much, you could just dream of passion and romance like theirs!
I could spend a whole afternoon explaining the complex relationships between characters. And, I've spent many hours myself, reviewing recaps from the early episodes (as far back as the mid-70s). I find myself attracted to the sexy young doctor, the mobster who wasn't that hot last year, and the new young villain who is getting mixed up with the wrong girl. I call people names and yell at them for their stupidity. I encourage the separated couple who are made for each other. And, maybe strangest of all, I wonder what it would be like to know people like that--if they existed in real life.
Do any of y'all watch GH? Any other soaps? Is there some other show that you're absolutely addicted to? (Don't lie, I know who of you is hooked on Lost or Desperate Housewives!)
Anyways, thank goodness that mom and dad have a DVR, and they've only "accidentally" erased one episode since I've been here! (I catch up on the weekends and will spend a "lazy Saturday" night glued to the tv!) I've even gotten my mom and little sister watching the show, although I must admit, it is pretty frustrating to have them constantly asking me questions about "who's that?" or "why/what are they doing?" If they'd just watch a few episodes, they'd have it figured out in No Time!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Buy Me A Pony

One day I hope to have a little bit of property. And when we do... I would LOVE to have a horse! Just one, that's all I need (now, if R plans to ride, he needs to get his own)! On my way to & from work every day I pass up these horse "corrales" and slow down (the speed limit is already 30 mph) to watch them play. Imagine my utter delight when I drove by one morning and saw this!
So, I figured I'd start "working on" R now. Ask him nicely if I can "Please get a pony?" Maybe by the time we do finally find a piece of property (a place to live), he'll be more agreeable?
Oh, as a side note, there's this one horse in the back pen who always has on this green blanket thing. And, it's pretty close fitting. Anyways, every time I see it, the first thought through my head is "Ew! That horse looks moldy!" Yeah, how's that for a "nonsense thought" first thing in the morning! :)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Drive

I'm a little late on posting this... I know, it's been almost a week since the last. And, y'all have been so kind and patient with me! (I do read yours at least once or twice each week!)
Anyways, this was a drive we (mom, dad, sister, and I) took a few weekends ago... Nothing especially interesting, I'm just including them because I think the blog just looks better when it has pictures.

This Wednesday was 4 weeks (and Fri was a "month") since I started my job. It's all still going great and I'm slowly getting to know (remember) all the people I work with. The people I work with in My Lab are really nice, although now they all know how much younger I am than them, so they tease me a little. We had another New Guy start this week--so at least I'm not the "New Person" anymore!
Last week I found out that my Haz-Mat Training (was supposed to be this week--ALL week) was cancelled! That's too bad, because I was really looking forward to it! I'm still getting acquainted with everything around the lab, and I think I'm getting closer to having a Project of My Very Own! I've reserved and paid for my plane ticket to MS and will be going Memorial weekend (2 weeks until I'm with my hunny bunny again)!
I'm getting along pretty well in NM, and am absolutely loving the weather. (Ha Ha, R! It's only in the 60s-70s here!!) I haven't had any major arguments with the family (although the cats are in dual-confinement in my room) and I'm actually enjoying the companay of little sis and mom!
Last weekend I got my hair cut (a much needed thing) and I think I like it. Whaddya think?

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Little Green Men

Little Green Men

Milling about the courtyard.
Eating Burgers with green chili,
Chicken quesadillas,
and homemade sandwiches.
See this CAT scan...
It's a typical case of bacterial menengitis.
Do you concur, Doctor?
I do, Doctor.
Let's sit in on the conference.
There, we will discuss
Things of Great Importance,
Because we are Little Green Men!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that my New Lab is located on the UNM campus, the north end of campus, which just happens to also house the Medical School... hence the "little green men." (Just wanted to make sure that you didn't think I was actually losing my mind--although that might still be a possibility.) Today marks the 3rd week that I've been on the job. And, still, so far, so good. I'm learning more things every day, and I fear that soon my brain will actually become physically full of information. What am I to do then?
I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what topics (about my work) are okay to discuss with the "general public" so don't go running your mouths, okay! :)
Anyways, two weeks ago, at the beginning of my first Full Week, I found out that I would be the "Main Person" running a "proficiency test" that our lab gets 2 or 3 times a year. My instructions were fairly complex, but I felt confident in my laboratory-whatever skills. This so-called "PT" was very interesting. It reminded me of my undergrad days, when we were given individual "unknown" bacterial cultures and had to do a variety of biochemical tests (media plates, broths, and chemical reactions) to find out what our cultures were. Except this was way more exciting, since I only had 3 days, and was learning everything NEW! I think the results were good, but I won't find out for sure until sometime this month.
Speaking of "this month," can you BELIEVE that it is already May? I would say "where are the days going," but it's more like "where is the YEAR going??" Last week we had a full-building evacuation that sent us home 3 hours early. Yeah, that was pretty exciting, too. We didn't know what it was at first--the rumors were that it was some "chemical spill" when actually it was 2 jars of OLD chemicals that are highly reactive! They ended up having to call in a bomb squad to get the jars out! (I figured it was okay to talk about that, since it was all over the news!)
As if that's not excitement enough--Next week I will have the very important and interesting task of Hazardous Material Training! From what I've heard, it's mostly police and firemen in training... which could make for an even more interesting week... Let's just hope that I'm not the only girl there! (Or maybe we should hope that I am...) Finally, we're back up to 3.5 weeks until R comes here--or rather, until I go to get him. Yeah, I figured the Memorial weekend holiday would be a good time because I could use the "free day" instead of missing a day of pay. So...
Thanks for being so kind and patient with me--I do hope to one day be the Decent Blogger I used to be...

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