Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sure is HOT!

How is it that at 10:00am the current temperature is 88F, the humidity is 65%, winds are NNW at 3mph, and the "Real Feel" high is 109F!!! Now, I know some other areas of the country (and world) are much hotter, but DANG! It is SOOO humid here! And, there is no relief from the heat! Even in the wee hours of the morning/night it's still really hot out.
Now, let's look at the place I'm planning to move to: Livingston, Montana....temperature 60F, 64% humidity (doesn't matter because they don't have a "Real Feel" heat index), and clear skies!
Hmmm....where would YOU rather be?
Let's talk about rain, too. In Montana, it rains, it pours, then it gets nice and cool...AAAHHH!
In Mississippi, it rains, it pours, it sizzles on the sidewalks, streets, cars, etc....then instead of just being HOT, it feels like a SAUNA!! Maybe you like that kind of thing, but personally, if I want to go to a sauna, I'll find one!
My view on the whole thing is this: I would ALWAYS rather be cold than hot. Cold is cold, but if you're prepared, you can have alternate heat sources, blankets, a loved one to cuddle with, a roaring fire, etc, etc. But, if it is HOT (and, say the A/C is broke) there is not a single thing you can do! Even if you were to strip down naked, stand in the shade, and catch a small breeze--you would still be HOT! Jump in the pool? That water is probably hot, too.
Besides, winter clothes make everyone look better (i.e. layers, hats, gloves, big jackets, etc)!
I guess that's a good gripe about the weather. Ha! I guess I had nothing better to talk about!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lack of Professionalism

You would think that by the time you reach the graduate level, people you work with would have a certain level of professionalism, right? Well, yes and no. Overall, people I have worked with in the past, and people I currently work with are wonderful. They answer my questions, explain things to me, and show me how to figure things out on my own. They talk to me like I know what's going on (even though sometimes I don't), and they treat me like an equal--because they know that is what I'm trying to do--better myself, learn all that I can, be better. However, some people just cannot make themselves act in a civil and polite manner is certain situations. Although I really do try to make people happy and do the best job I can, I understand that not EVERYONE is going to like EVERYONE. So, what do you do when you are in a professional setting (work, meeting, class, etc) and you HAVE TO be around someone that you don't "mesh" well with? Personally, I maintain the civility and politeness that my parents raised me to have. I still respect the person's work, education, and other attributes. I still say "yes sir/ma'am" and "no sir/ma'am." I still follow the directions and complete the task I am supposed to do. So, why can't EVERYONE do this? Why is it so difficult for SOME PEOPLE to maintain that professionalism? I know that I still have a LOT to learn. I know that I will make mistakes, ask dumb questions, and STILL get things wrong. But, why do I have to be yelled at like a 5-year-old? Why do I have to be told how WRONG I am? Why do I have to be told that I am "just a student" and need to LISTEN! How can I explain that I am not questioning YOU, I am trying to figure things out for MYSELF! I am not looking over your shoulder, I am seeing HOW it is DONE! All I am doing is demonstrating how much I respect YOU! I want to LEARN from YOU!
Well, I just had another episode today and needed to get that off my chest.....PHEW! I feel better now, thank you for listening!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Celina and Richard Phelps

November 27, 2004. Celina and Richard Phelps.

The day I married my best friend.
The one I laugh at, live for, love! Posted by Hello

Vacation Picture

June 2005 Celina and Richard at...

..duh...Old Faithful.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Posted by Hello

Think I figured it out

I think I got the general idea of how to do this "blog" thing. What the heck is a "blog" anyways? Well, I'm thrilled to be here, and I just can't wait for something SUPER EXCITING to happen, so I can tell y'all all about it!! Hopefully, I'll learn to be more articulate and interesting in my I tell y'all about the interesting and un-interesting things that are going on in my life.
Let's start with what I'm most excited about right new cousins-in-law! My husband's aunt, who I have only met once, just had twins (yesterday)! That is pretty cool, but what's more is that these are her first kids, she's in her mid-30s, and they're BIG! The little girl, Maia, weighs 6 pounds 4 ounces, and her brother, Sean, weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces! That's almost 14 pounds of baby! AND, they had to be "evicted" because she was only 1 week away from the due date! (It's not really safe to carry babies that big, especially TWO, for the whole time!)
Anyways, I think it's exciting. Seeing as how I'm a 7-months-in newlywed, I've had many, many suggestions that it "won't be long..." *sigh* Honestly, I don't feel ready. I still have 1.5 years of school, need to find a job, need to find a "permanent" place to live, etc, etc. But, with "all" these babies (sister-in-law is due in October), I find myself....considering....
Hmmm, I guess we'll have to see what the future holds.