Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick Baby

Came home early to take care of a sick baby... again. The poor girl had a fever of 101.2 at daycare which meant I had to pick her up early AND she can't go into daycare tomorrow, either. I'm so fortunate to have family nearby. My sister is spending the night tonight and will stay home with her tomorrow. I'll still have to come home early, but at least I won't have to take a whole day off. It's not really a big deal to take off a day, except that I only have about 3 days worth of leave and I am essentially a single parent from Monday through Friday.

She had been doing so good and hadn't been sick since early December. Before that, she went back and forth between colds, ear infections, diarrhea, and the flu for 4 months! During those 4 months, we were a tthe doctor's office every 2-3 weeks! Of course, she is a "daycare baby," so it's bound to happen (and probably a good thing for the building of a strong immune system), but I really hate for her to be sick.

Here's to hoping she gets a good night sleep, gets enough vitamin C, and feels better SOON! Goodnight.



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