Wednesday, February 01, 2006

100 Things, Let's Start With 50

I can't belive it! This is my 100th post. I've been just waiting to do one of these, so let's see if I can really come up with...
1. I was born in Santa Fe, NM.
2. I grew up a "military brat."
3. Number of years I lived in Hawaii.
4. My mom was in the Marines.
5. I also lived in California.
6. And Maryland.
7. But, I've lived in Missippi the longest (4 elementary + 4 high school + 7.5 college = 15.5 Total)
8. I married my "high school sweetheart."
9. I have a Bachelor's degree.
10. In Microbiology.
11. It took me 5.5 years to finish.
12. I'm working on my Master's degree.
13. In Forest Products.
14. I never competed in a Science Fair.
15. But, I was in the "gifted" program in elementary & high school.
16. I love to read.
17. Dean Koontz is my favorite author.
18. Favorite book: House of Thunder (READ IT!)
19. I first read it when I was in 7th grade.
20. I am a "Cat Person."
21. But, I do like dogs.
22. I'm an "ethnic minority." (I'm hispanic.)
23. How old I was when I got married. (He was, too)
24. May 24th is when I celebate my birthday.
25. How old I will be on my next birthday.
26. March 26th is when R celebrates his birthday.
27. Stairway to Heaven is my favorite song.
28. Number of teeth I have. (Only missing the 4 "wisdom" molars.)
29. I love my mother-in-law!
30. Probably about the number of times I have seen "Life" and "Legends of the Fall." (My favorite movies.)
31. This is tougher than I thought it would be.
32. I love using Sharpies.
33. I recently discovered the joy of scrapbooking.
34. Canada is the only "other" country I've been to.
35. But, I have been to 35 states. (Only 15 left to see.)
36. I collect "smushed" pennies (you know, when you pay $.50 to "smush" a picture on a penny--like at touristy places).
37. I also collect stickers.
38. I can drive "stick".
39. I'd love to drive a motorcycle.
40. But, no leather.
41. I don't have any tattoos.
42. My only peircings are two holes in each ear.
43. The age of my Dream Man (Brad Pitt).
44. He's old enough to (technically) be my dad, but I'd still marry him!
45. The age my mom will be on her next birthday.
46. My favorite color is blue.
47. And Maroon. (Go Dawgs!)
48. I love the Walnut Blondie (dessert) from Applebee's.
49. I go to WalMart Way.Too.Much.
50. My name is Celina, and I'm addicted to Chapstick.


At 10:57 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

I love this list! It is always great to learn interesting and random facts about people.

I have some smushed pennies for you! We get these and then I find them years later stashed in different places.

My dream guy is Johnny Depp, but I would take Brad Pitt.

Our newest car is the fist automatic I have ever owned.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Leesa 's valuable input...

Very cute list :)


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