Monday, January 30, 2006

How Much Do I Love You?

Mississippi State University has been home to me for seven years. When I started school in Aug, 1999, I thought I knew it all. I thought I would be out of here in 4 years. I thought I would make lifelong friends, gain an education and life experience. I thought I knew it all.
But, really what did I know? I didn't know that my "high school boyfriend" would one day be my husband. I didn't know that it would take me 5.5 years to complete my Bachelor's degree. Nor did I ever imagine that I would stay here to get a Master's.
What brought about this personal examination? Well, I'm sitting in one of my favorite places on campus: The sofa in the 3rd floor lobby of the Colvard Student Union. Today I bought lunch in the Food Court (at lunchtime!), walked 3-ways across campus, and actually used one of the computers in the computer lab!
When I first came to MSU (the summer between junior & senior year of high school), I thought I was so grown up! I would buy dinner and eat up here (alone or with friends), I was the first to "discover" the awesome "Ladies Lounge," and in that building, right over there, I met a young man who influenced (a small part) of my life. His name was Daniel, and he was working for the physical plant, painting the interior of buildings. When I was feeling melencholy, I would sit up here and brood, drawing rough sketches of the surrounding buildings. When I was feeling silly, I'd make up stories for the people walking around outside. When I needed a nap in-between classes, and didn't feel like running down & climbing up "Hernia Hill," I'd stretch out on this same couch and sleep.
I still remember the old bowling lanes that were on the first floor, and when Taco Bell was in the Food Court (now replaced by Chic fil'A--a much better option). So many things have changed. Even from this single point, I notice the new "Staff Only" gate that is installed (but not yet operating) to block traffic from the main road through campus. The beautiful old oak tree that used to be right there was recently destroyed by a tornado. Even the parking spaces in front of my old dorm are facing the opposite direction. That road used to be One Way (that way) and now it's One Way (this way). Across the way is Suttle Hall (upperclass men's dorm), which is scheduled to be torn down within the next year or two. And, behind it, the new Ruby Hall (freshmen co-ed dorm) will soon be visible from My Window.
I know it's almost time for me to Move On, but one thing that I never imagined is how much I would grow to Love this place, my Mississippi State!


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Gary 's valuable input...

That was a very sweet post. It made me feel nostalgic.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...'ve come a long way!!


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