Monday, February 22, 2010

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am

How does anybody find a good doctor these days? Today I had my annual doctor's visit. I've been seeing this doctor for almost 3 years (minus the 9 months I was pregnant and seeing a midwife) and she's nice. But, every time I go in, I feel rushed and shorted. The nurse takes vitals, hands over the gown, doc comes in, asks general questions, does the exam, any questions, and I'm out of there. This visit was no different. But, this time we discussed a DTaP booster (for Tetanus and Pertussis). I decided that, yes, sure I'd take the vaccine. Well, we finished up the exam, went over a few things, and signed off on paperwork. On my way out, I asked the receptionist where I needed to go to gert the shot. She said, "You already got it." Um, no, I'm pretty sure I would know if I got a shot, "Nope." Her: "Well, she circled here saying that you did." Me: "Nope. She asked if I wanted it, I said yes, and that was all." Her: "Oh, well, I need to go talk to her." So, I had to go back to the waiting room to wait for her. The nurse came out to get me, apologized, and gave me the shot. She said that the doctor did not tell her that I was getting a shot. On my way out, I heard the doctor tell her, "Oops, my bad."

So, yeah. A 20 minute drive from work. 10 minutes in the waiting room. 15 minutes with the doctor (who still managed to forget that I needed an immunization). Another 5 minutes in the waiting room. 1 shot in the arm. 20 more minutes back to work. I suppose this is what our healthcare system is coming to.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Slight (Game) Obsession

A few months ago I was introduced to the "Apps" on Facebook. That is, a list of games that can be played with all of your Facebook friends. The more you play, the faster you advance, earning money, raising pets, growing cotton, baking soufle and fighting in a mafia. For probably the past year, I had been receiving neighbor requests, gifts of food, animals, and untraceable cell phones, but I just ignored all of them... until this past fall.

By the time it was over, I had opened my own theme park, established a booming restaurant, danced with old friends, joined a mafia, and developed acres of bare land into a thriving farm. But, the late night obsessing has gotten to be too much. Some games only kept me interested for a few days, others a few weeks, but there are a few that have gotten me to the point of scheduling crop growth, meal prep, and energy packs around my day-to-day routine! I've become one of *those people* who clog up everbody's news feed with my obsession! I don't want to be that person. I want to get back on schedule and be in bed by 9 (pushing it tonight). I want to stop being preoccupied with the computer when my girl just wants me to play "Little People" with her.

So, I've whittled it down to the last one (which was also the first and most obsessed). I'm "cleaning up" my farm and getting ready to call it quits. Cold turkey. Cows will be waiting to be milked, plots are plowed and ready for planting, and my fruit trees will be abundant, but I will not play.

What is it about us that we become so caught up in a virtual world that we lose track of time? Can I really just stop with the games? Sure. Now I just need to remember to block the applications from my news feed and inbox. I can do it!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

All About the Girl

My girl is getting to be so grown up. This week she will be 14 months old. Tonight we had three of her favorite foods for dinner: macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and beans (baked beans). It got me to thinking that I've been meaning to post about my amazing little girl. So, here goes.

Last week she was moved up to the toddler class at her daycare. She started in the infant room when she was only 9 weeks old, on February 9, 2009. The requirements for her to be moved were: walking steady, no pacifier, and no bottle. Well, she gave up the bottle at 11 months (she loves her sippy cup), she only uses the Binky (pacifier) at bedtime, and she started walking (at home) one week before her 1st birthday. The only thing holding her back was that she absolutely refused to walk (without holding on) at school! Well, the 2 boys who are near her age (one is 1 week older, the other 1 week younger) were walking steady by mid-November, so they moved to the toddler class at the beginning of January. I guess my girl missed her friends, because once they left, she stopped walking (even at home) for a full week! After talking it over with her teachers and the daycare director, we decided to give her a try in the toddler class. Well, on the first day she was walking like a pro! Now, she doesn't even want to go in the infant room (at the beginning and end of the day). She's also walking everywhere else--when visiting family, around the stores, to the mailbox, yes she wants to walk everywhere!

She's also a fan of the park. We have a tiny playground in our neighborhood and I try to let her play for a little while when we get home (before dinner). Right away, she climbed up the steps, sat at the top of the slide, flipped onto her belly, and slid right down!

This girl loves animals and doesn't shy away from any animal--no matter the shape or size! She loves to laugh and point when the cats do something funny and gets so excited anytime she sees somebody with a dog. One of our cats is so wonderful with her, letting her pull her tail, poke her hears, and even lay on top of her. The other discreetly walks away anytime she sees the baby coming her way.
It's so incredible to realize that my world revolves around this one tiny little person. This amazing, stubborn, funny, daring, smart, miniature version of ME.

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