Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bubbles in Her Hair

Fragile, delicate sphere.
Gently perched on a blond strand.
She runs, she laughs. Still you cling.
So precious and she doesn't even notice.
Another lands on the next strand.
You touch and cling to each other.
She reaches up. What is that? POP.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mobile Me

So here we are. The times are changing and I am writing my first "mobile" blog post. A few weeks ago I caved to the technology and bought an iPhone. I must admit: I LOVE this thing! So far, I haven't found a single thing that I want it to do that it can't. It has become my newest obsession and greatest distraction. I am constantly finding, thinking up, or listing ideas for new apps and songs.
With this small device, I am able to check my email, update facebook (and upload photos), get directions and a map, check on movie showtimes, and apparently BLOG! AND, I can do all this while carrying a phone conversation! I mean, WOW!
So, I will now go to bed. I *heart* thisphobe, but I still need my beauty rest.