Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Sorry, So Sorry

It's been forever. I mean, literally. I still love y'all! Work has been exhausting, R and I made it here safely, and I haven't been able to sleep in past 9 (on a weekend) yet! But, I am trying so hard to get back to blogging. I feel guilty because I know that this is the only way some of you (family) ever get to hear about us! So, let's see...
The trip back to NM from MS was long... and very tiring. But, we made it just fine and didn't even hit any bad weather. It was strange going back to Starkville (after nearly 2 months) and not going to "our" house. The truck was huge and the Jeep was annoying (breaking straps and losing them all over the highway).
R spent his first couple of days helping out around the house. He helped with yardwork (moving gravel to the neighbor's yard) and re-wired my mom's truck (59 chevy). Yeah, she's been planning to re-wire that thing for almost 2 years, and he did it in 2 days! :)
We spent an afternoon with my brother and sister taking pictures (we're going to pick one, blow it up, and frame it for mom & dad) and treated them to dinner at a "fancy" restaurant (a Japanese Teppan grill).
We also made it up to Ojo Caliente (the hot springs) for a weekend--at R's insiting--and ended up being booted out of the water early because of a storm (that I had warned him about a week earlier). We also walked nearly 4 miles along trails and I got crazy sunburned and skinned up my leg really bad.
We hit up some yardsales one Saturday morning and found a desk for his computer, more cat toys, shelves for our bedroom, and a bedroom-size humidifier. Speaking of cats, ours are getting along better and the dogs are best friends!
Family dynamics... that's for a whole other post.
I promise, I will be back! I miss you all so much and really will try to get back to this--at least once a week.