Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School

No, wait! It's not me. I'm all set when it comes to school!
It's R! He's going back to school! In fact, classes start Monday! I can't even believe he's done it! He finally got all his paperwork together, talked to an advisor, and registered for classes--all in one day! Of course, it didn't go exactly that smoothly! He did call me in the middle of my class this afternoon (good thing I always keep my phone on vibrate) to ask me for a copy of my driver's license and to find out where I had the truck registration info (to establish residency). Then, he had to complain about using all his "XBox money" to pay tuition! Yeah, the poor guy has been working his buns off to save enough money to buy the thing--and now he spent it all in one fell swoop!
But, he's in! And, all his classes this fall will be in Electrician something-or-other! See, he'll be doing a program to get his Associate's degree in Construction Management (with an emphasis in "electrician"). I'm so happy for him--and overwhelmingly proud!

Okay, I probably should be getting ready for bed (it's so hard to sleep and get up here)! I just wanted to share the good news with y'all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Living it up at the CDC

So, can you believe it... I'm back "in the south" this week! Yeah, I'm here in Atlanta for a training conference at the CDC! How exciting is that? The For-Real CDC! Anyways, besides the facts that I am a) the youngest person here, b) the newest to the lab, and c) one of the few who has never been to the CDC... I started out feeling a little... um... naive. But, now, I've been here a full two days, and I'm feeling a little more confident in myself. I mean, I know I'm not an idiot, but I do realize how much I don't know! Fortunately, the people here are all very understanding and patient with my questions and I think they actually believe that I know what I'm talking about! (Well, I do know to keep my mouth shut when I have no idea what's going on.)

The group of 22 attendees hail from: NM (me), AZ, UT, NV, CA, OR, ND, TN, KY, LA, MS, GA, SC, MO, IO, DE, NH, CT, and ME. (I'm sure there are a few I'm missing--hey, I've only been here two days, you can't expect me to have met everyone!) It's funny, because I can start talking to someone I already met... remember their state (that's Ms Connecticut, that's Mr Kentucky) but I still have to really think hard (or ask again) for their name! For the most part, they're all Molecular Biologists, so sometimes I find myself in way over my head!

And, of course, I had to be the oddball and stay at a different hotel! See, 2 of my coworkers suggested staying at the Holiday Inn (about 3 miles away) rather than at the Emory Inn (across the street from the CDC). And, I think it was a great suggestion because there's actually stuff to do here. It's by a really cute historic district (Decatur, GA) with restaurants, little shops, oh yeah, and a Starbucks and Cold Stone! While they're all stuck at a crappy hotel that is near nothing (besides the CDC). So what, I have to ride the shuttle to meet them in the morning... I get Starbucks, and ice cream, and dinner options! But, it feels kinda weird to wait around for my shuttle ride after class... while they all head up to their rooms.

I guess the best part is that I have Free.Wireless.In My Room! And, it's not slowpoke and moody like the one I mooch at my parent's house! So, I might even be able to blog! All week! Yay!
Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something a little more interesting for the next post...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Still Here

Hello! Oh, how I miss you all! It's late and I need to get in bed, so here's a quick recap:

No house yet. We had our eye on one, but it was sold today. Boo Hoo. (and I though we'd get to proclaim our "homeownership" on a cute little adobe casita)

Still having family drama. Don't wanna get into it, let's just say it got rough there for a while.

Nabi is no longer a "complete" cat. Interesting things: The vet was "amazed" by her "abnormally large" uterus. Also, she's finally putting on a little weight.

Reina is on a diet. Let's hope she doesn't lose it all, while Nabi gets to be the "fat one."

R is still "considering" starting school in the fall. He's been doing a lot of work with this "yard guy" and his team--making friends, networking, and getting comfortable with working in NM.

Work is interesting. I learn new things everyday and have to "file" away new information constantly. Most of the time I feel utterly confused (although I'm starting to recognize a pattern with my coworkers). For the most part, we all get along--which is a big improvement over my last... several... jobs.

I will be back in "the south" in 2 weeks (when I go to Atlanta for a conference). *cross fingers* Here's to hoping there's a break in the "Heat Wave" before I get there! I'd probably die in that humidity!!

I do wish I had the time/energy to blog. But, seeing as how the only place I can "pick up" internet is in the living room (i.e. dad's domain), and the only time I feel comfortable in here is when they're out of town, I can't do much of anything.

Oh, and tomorrow we're going to look at condos (oh joy) with a realtor. Yeah, just what I want, and overpriced, underspaced apartment. Well, at least this way we can say that we looked at all our options.

Take care and don't forget about me!