Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lack of Professionalism

You would think that by the time you reach the graduate level, people you work with would have a certain level of professionalism, right? Well, yes and no. Overall, people I have worked with in the past, and people I currently work with are wonderful. They answer my questions, explain things to me, and show me how to figure things out on my own. They talk to me like I know what's going on (even though sometimes I don't), and they treat me like an equal--because they know that is what I'm trying to do--better myself, learn all that I can, be better. However, some people just cannot make themselves act in a civil and polite manner is certain situations. Although I really do try to make people happy and do the best job I can, I understand that not EVERYONE is going to like EVERYONE. So, what do you do when you are in a professional setting (work, meeting, class, etc) and you HAVE TO be around someone that you don't "mesh" well with? Personally, I maintain the civility and politeness that my parents raised me to have. I still respect the person's work, education, and other attributes. I still say "yes sir/ma'am" and "no sir/ma'am." I still follow the directions and complete the task I am supposed to do. So, why can't EVERYONE do this? Why is it so difficult for SOME PEOPLE to maintain that professionalism? I know that I still have a LOT to learn. I know that I will make mistakes, ask dumb questions, and STILL get things wrong. But, why do I have to be yelled at like a 5-year-old? Why do I have to be told how WRONG I am? Why do I have to be told that I am "just a student" and need to LISTEN! How can I explain that I am not questioning YOU, I am trying to figure things out for MYSELF! I am not looking over your shoulder, I am seeing HOW it is DONE! All I am doing is demonstrating how much I respect YOU! I want to LEARN from YOU!
Well, I just had another episode today and needed to get that off my chest.....PHEW! I feel better now, thank you for listening!


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