Friday, March 16, 2007

I can't think of a title that would even begin to describe all the things going through my mind right now. I have the date picked--for when I will begin my job. I'd tell you, but shhh! I don't want to tell my mom yet. R and I are discussing modes of transportation (looks like a better idea for us if I just fly over there with Guapo). And, we now are in possesion of a 10% down payment for our house. How did this happen? I mean, I remember filling out applications and putting up the "For Sale" sign, but how did it happen? I will complete my 3-month stint here (mostly for sentimental reasons) in 2 weeks. Soon after that, I will be headed off to The Land of Enchantment. During the time between now and then I have at least a million things to do (arrange, organize, situate, plan, employ, perform, complete)!
There are the technical things that I just cannot leave for R: schedule utility disconnects, fill-out change of address forms, purchase car renewals (tags and insurance). There are the silly-me things that I cannot leave for R: reorganize the storage shed, pack up dishes and other breakables, organize important papers from the filing cabinet. And there are all those last minute things that only I can do: pack my clothes, throw out non-essentials, final heavy-duty housecleaning.
I also have to set up a schedule for him including: bills-to-pay (local), trash days, and litterbox/dog poo clean-up. Along with the bills-to-pay I have to leave pre-written checks and deposit slips. I have to make sure that he has enough snacks, cokes, catfood, litter, toilet paper, and laundry soap to last a month. I have to hold a Yard Sale (looks like next Sat morning) to get rid of all this stuff we piled up in the living room and shed. I am also planning a "Double Celebration" party: Happy Birthday (R) and New Job (Me) for next Sat evening. Best bud AJ is coming, though, and she kinda owes me from all the work we did those 2 weekends at her new house, so I'll have an extra pair of hands. I have to complete some very important paperwork (State taxes) that has been irritating me--I mean, why does the online program say we'll get $20 back (but charges $30 to file) and my manual figures come up with us owing $40?? Do all state's taxes have "levels" (some portion taxed at 3%, some portion taxed at 4%, and the remaining portion taxed at 5%)?? I'm also still trying to get my manuscript (for publishing) complete, but my boss has been hanging on to it for nearly a month.
Once I can get past all those things, I still have the jitters about starting a New Job. In a New Place. With New People. Will the people at my New Job like me? Will I be able to find my way to the DOH without getting lost in a bad neighborhood? Do I know enough to not look/sound like an idiot in their lab? What will their dress code be? Will I have to wear "slacks" and "heels"?? (Oh, please! I hope not!)
I'll be one of those people who moves back in with her parents! I'll be living in a house where it probably isn't okay to walk around in... uh... my pajamas... R and I can't cuddle on the couch and watch our shows--in fact, we won't even be together when Heroes comes back on! Oh, I changed my mind! I don't wanna go!


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous 's valuable input...

You will do fine I am sure. All these things will get done and later you will say why did I worry so. Just be confident and it will happen... Think Positive.!!!Gma M

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Wow, congrats!It's amazing you sold the place already too! You've got a lot going on! You'll be fine. Anticipation is always the worst part about starting new things. Once you're doing it, you think, all that time I was worried about this?
And, you are an mighty fantastic wife for doing all that stuff for R!


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