Friday, February 23, 2007

Best Friend, Extraordinaire

So, I've been a bad blogger... sorry. Last weekend I went to Gulfport to help my best bud AJ move into her new house. Yes, you hear right, her New House! She had bought some furniture (dining room and bedroom suites) at R's work and we've been storing it all for her until the house was finished. As of Wed (V's day) she was the proud and happy owner of a cute 3 bedroom home in a new subdivision in Orange Grove (Gulfport), Mississippi. I took her dining room suite and nightstand and mirror (all that would fit in the Xterra) Friday night and met her at the house for a late night of furniture assembly and friendly chit chat. Saturday, I helped her fiancee at her storage unit (getting most of her boxes and stuff) while she had another friend help get clothes, books, and other random stuff that was at her parent's house. We had a nice (and extremel productive) afternoon, followed up by a dinner I will never forget.
She had another friend (and her boyfriend) coming in from New Orleans, and they were looking at some fancy places to eat. The only place were were able to reserve on such short notice was this Bragozzo's at the Isle of Capri casino. I'll admit it, I'm much more a Zaxby's or Applebee's kind of gal. I like to get full after a full-course meal. I like to talk over dinner, watch other patrons, and just be able to relax. This place did not feel like that. For starters, R wasn't there, so I was already like the "5th wheel." Then, the 2 other people who went were older than us and that made me feel a little strange. Finally, 95% of the items on the menu were seafood. (For those of you who don't know this: I despise seafood.) Fortunately, my big lunch of fajitas (at Chilis) was still "around" and I wasn't very hungry. Of course, if I had actually been hungry, the sight and smell of so much fishy stuff would've chased my appetite away!
We ordered 2 bottles of wine (a very dry red for the men, and a gentler white for us ladies) and discussed the menu items for nearly 45 minutes. I finally chose some truffle ravioli thing--while everybody else chose... guess what... that's right... seafood. The only one I got a good look at was AJ's (because she was sitting next to me). And, wasn't I the lucky one. She ordered the "Aqua Pazza" which they claim means "crazy water."
Now, that I found that pic, I realize that I could've done without seeing it again! Anyways, they cook the thing (snapper--fyi: has huge fang-like teeth) whole and bring it out like that for presentation. Then, they use a little knife-spatula and fork to break the neck, remove head, peel off skin, filet, and de-bone--all right in front of you (i.e. ME)! Maybe this looks utterly delicious to you, but for me... No Thanks!
The only reason I'm talking about AJ's food is because mine was a complete let-down! The bowl was about 3 inches across and contained about 10 mini cheese raviolis in mushroom sauce. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good, but for $16 I would've expected at least a little meat, or something?!
We each ordered a separate dessert (except that they were out of vanilla ice cream--well, they called it something else) and passed them around. All together it was nice. And, the best-bud that she is, AJ bought my meal (as payment for my help moving).
You can be sure that this is one restaurant I will not go to again. It's just not in my taste or budget! :)


At 7:39 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

It might taste good but it certainly does not look good.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger dr. zombieswan 's valuable input...

it's the kind of meal that makes you want to go to Wendy's afterward. :) I like some seafood, but I like it to look less like it did when it was still swimming, generally. Pfffh. :)


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