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An Avid Reader

I would certainly classify myself as "An Avid Reader." Ever since I was young (maybe 8 or 9), I started reading everything I could get my hands on. I believe I was 11 or 12 the first time I read Dean Koontz. And maybe 13 or 14 when I was "introduced" to Danielle Steel. I guess my mom knew I had enough grasp on reality to handle the horror, science, drama, and sexuality of these authors. After all these years, I still claim "House of Thunder" as my favorite novel. I've read it 3 times and it still reels me in! (You should check out that link, it's the strangest Internet Book Review I've seen!) Anyways, since I've been paying for my own things (i.e. since I turned 18 and started college), I've learned new ways to save money on what can be a very expensive "hobby." I hit up the thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales every chance I get. I tend to buy books in "bulk," stacking up to 10 new-to-me novels next to my bed and randomly picking one from the pile. Sometimes I have to pace myself, though, because--if a book is really, really good, I can read a 600-page novel in one day. I'm not bragging, ask R, I'll curl up with it every spare minute I have and somehow just finish it.
These days I tend to go for soft romance and medical thrillers. Actually, that's not fair--I've also been reading historical fiction, non-romance drama, and suspense stories. Two things I am NOT interested in are fantasy (you know, like dragons and wizards) or autobiographies. Usually I pay between 25 cents and $1 for these used books, and once I'm finished reading a stack of them--I'll choose any that I might want to keep for re-reading (not many)--and the rest will go back to the thrift store (donation). So, it's like I'm paying 25 cents to "rent" their books--how silly is that?!
The two authors I always keep are Dean Koontz and Danielle Steel. I have nearly all of his books (from the mid 70s to now--before then it's hard to find them, which is probably around 40--OMG! That's way more than I thought!) and several (like 15) of hers. I'm such a faithful reader (of Koontz) that I even pay full-price for his new books! Sometimes, if I'm a very good girl, I'll even get his newest in hardback. Right now, I'm waiting for the paperback version of his newest--and also for the 3rd in his Frankenstein series (which was postponed from last Nov to this May).
My recent acquisitions are: Dazzle and Scruples Two (Judith Krantz), Malice (Danielle Steel), Hunter's Moon (Karen Robards), Deceptions (Judith Michael), Paradise (Judith McNaught), and--just to throw in a non-romance, Atlantis Found (Clive Cussler). That's weird, I picked books from 3 different authers all named Judith! :) I already read Atlantis Found and it was pretty good. I've read a few Cussler books before--he's my dad's favorite author. This book had it all: lost civilizations, earth-shattering meteors, gold mines, hidden treasures, and links to Nazi Germany!
Yesterday I started the Paradise book, and it was pretty good. I actually spent most of the day stretched out on the couch reading. Then, last night, after dinner and Gray's Anatomy, I crawled into bed and kept on reading. Somehow, I managed to stay up until 4:30 (yes, four thirty in the morning) reading. When R woke up and couldn't believe I was still reading--he pointed out the time to me--I decided to put it down. I still pulled myself out of bed and made it to work this morning--did the few things I needed to take care of (still no results on those samples)--and came back home (still feeling yukky--maybe it is the flu and not a stomach virus?).
I just finished the book. And, I'm feeling the customary let-down I always get when I finish a good book. I mean, this wasn't like, the best ever, but it was good. And it was long. And I really liked the characters. My fingers are still stained with the gray ink from turning 709 pages of intense drama, sad revelations, and endearing love. Ha! That makes me think of this video I've posted before (from Family Guy).
Anyways, sometimes I still surprise myself that I can read an entire book so quickly. And, I actually retain the story on the ones I really like. R teases me when I get really intense in these books, too. Because I guess it's harder for him to understand that, like a really good movie, I get involved with the characters. So, just like you'd laugh out loud at something funny in a movie, or cry a little when something tears at your hearstrings--I do the same with books!
Do y'all enjoy reading as much as I do? What's your favorite book? Author? Need books to read--I have tons and will happily share them!


At 6:58 PM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

I read very quickly but I try to pace myself when it is a book I have purchased. I forced myself to stretch Stephen King's latest to 5 days.

I just finished reading the Thomas Covenant series (the first one) by Stephen Donaldson and I was suprised at how much I enjoyed the characters. It is the first fantasy outside of Harry Potter that I have ever read. I received them as a gift which is a good thing because it would never have crossed my mind to buy these books. While a bit wordy, the characters are well developed and I qucikly became invested in their outcomes.

I just started "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" since I decided that I must read the classics that are usually assigned in school but were not assigned in mine. So far, it is great.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger JustRun 's valuable input...

Wow, you read SO much. I love reading but am lucky if I get through one book every 6-8 weeks. I am a Koontz fan, too but lately, I'm into the classics as well.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

I love me some Koontz too! I'm still reading Brother Odd, before I can read the new Odd book! House of thunder was good but I changed my fave to False Memory after reading that one. I pictured that happening for real. frrrreaky!

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous judy 's valuable input...

I love Koontz as well. A good author that rarely uses the "Formula" that so many authors get caught up in. Espceially when they find one that works/sells books! I slao like Steele, Krantz, Robert Jordan (Fantasy Fiction) and one I think you'd like is Robin Cook. He does lots of those medical mystery/murder books. I have some that I'd HAPPILY give to you as my little bookshelf is straining to hold all the books I have in it.

I'll give some to R's mom for you if you'd like. I don't really have a favorite author since I read such a variety of types of books.

Hope you're feeling better!


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