Monday, January 15, 2007

Of Mice and (Wo)Men, 3

Jerry tried to explain the extreme danger of the traps, but Mighty just couldn't resist the creamy Jif peanut butter. Late one night, he found himself under the house, following the nutty aroma. He grabbed a handful of the yummy stuff, and tried to step back carefully. But, the V-Snap Trap was too fast! Mighty fought with the spring, and tried to release himself. He was no match.
Early the next morning, after realizing that Mighty never made it home, Speedy and Jerry started a search party. They quickly found their big brother, stuck in the trap.
The remaining two brothers mourned the loss for several days. Eventually, they realized that revenge on the humans would be the only way to avenge the loss of Mighty. Jerry immediately started developing a plan...
Speedy was assigned to collecting several key components: 4 rubberbands, 2 small socks, 3 coke cans, and a new vacuum bag. Jerry hoped that these tools would be enough to perform the human and CAT sabatoge he was formulating. (He also thought it would help to keep Speedy out of his way.) In the meantime, Jerry had a lot of work to do. He began constant surveillance of the humans and mapped every corner of the human's residence.
Soon, soon his plan would be set in motion. Patience was paramount. be continued...


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