Friday, January 12, 2007

Of Mice and (Wo)Men, 2

After passing on the living room, Jerry examined the next closest room, what the humans call the Computer Room. He found so many cool toys in there, but quickly realized that the lack of heat would not make it a nice place to live. Also, all the noise from the street was very startling!
In the meantime, Speedy was rushing from one end of the house to the other, collecting insulation and plastic for their home. Sometimes he was so busy that he forgot to be quiet--and the humans didn't seem to appreciate that! In all his running around, Speedy thought he found the perfect place to move in--the human's bedroom. He passed the message along to Jerry, who went along to check it out.
After a very brief inspection, Jerry agreed that the bedroom would be perfect! He immediately ordered Mighty to collect as much nesting materials as he could--and stash them in the wallspace. Jerry knew that they would be safe in the wall--because the CATS would never be able to catch them there! All day, while the humans were gone, Jerry, Speedy, and Mighty would work hard at getting their materials together. Once the sun set, the three would settle in their house-in-progress and play Rummy.
For the next several weeks, all was going well for the brothers. Their house was nearly completed, they had figured out the feeding schedule, and learned how to avoid the CATS. But, one day Mighty and Speedy got in a fight. Mighty started tearing up parts of the house and Speedy didn't know how to stop him (Jerry was nowhere to be found)! The two began to scuffle in the narrow wallspace and they were making enough noise to draw the attention of the humans and CATS!
The next day, Speedy found a "plate" of peanut butter laid out under the house. He snatched as much as he could carry, and ran back to tell Mighty and Jerry. Jerry studied the "plate" and tried to explain that it was a TRAP! The humans must have figured out where they were, and were trying to get rid of them! be continued...


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