Thursday, January 11, 2007

Of Mice and (Wo)Men

Speedy, Mighty, and Jerry are brothers. Speedy is quite aptly named, as he has the quickest legs known to mousekind. Mighty is the brawn of the trio, as he is capable of lifting 100 times his own body weight! However, Jerry provides all the brain power for this operation. After establishing several mousetowns across Mississippi, Jerry has chosen a new location for his family to begin their new life...
the Phelps' Residence.
The brothers scoped out several homes in the neighborhood, but determined that this house would be perfect for them. Easy access into the home, nesting materials strewn about the property, and daily meals provided by the human occupants make for very cozy living.
The first thing the brothers had to do in preparation for Moving In Day was to collect small pieces of wood and cardboard for the foundation and walls of their starter home. Speedy was given the job of running through the ceiling to collect pieces of insulation soaked in asphalt--that would prevent the other critters (i.e. ants and spiders) from moving in, too. Mighty was told to scope out the broken pieces of particle board that were scattered under the home (these had fallen apart years ago when the old tenants let a small leak get out of control). And, Jerry began the initial survey to find the best location to build their home (nest).
First, he examined the most obvious location, the kitchen. Access to foods from all over the world (Wallymart, Kroger, Foodmax) and a constant supply of water were within a short distance, but the people seemed to already have this room safeguarded (borax, bug traps, and spray). Next, the living room might be a good option. It's right next to the kitchen, but the people don't seem to have as many barriers posted. Jerry tested the water by chewing on a few wires--he needed power to get his tools running to start construction. But, when the lights went out, the people had to break up his plan by tearing down the walls--and there were CATS in the house! Jerry decided that the living room was No Good! be continued


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