Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just One of THOSE Days

I know we all have those days, you know, when nothing works the way it's supposed to. The breakfast you at at 9 doesn't last until 12, the cats yak in 3 hidden spots (two of which you found by stepping in), the hubby makes a whole pot of coffee and takes every last drop of it in his thermos (leaving the tell-tell signs of drips on the counter and a fresh filter of wet grinds--for you to clean up), you realize that somebody dragged in all kinds of grass and leaves (when you just vacuumed--yesterday), when you finally make it to work (at nearly 11), you manage to forget everything you're supposed to be doing, when you finally figure it out, you drop stuff and misplace your samples, the noises in the lab (i.e. squeaky shaker and humming freezers) are really grating on your nerves, but you're sick of listening to the same 100 songs that are on your mp3 player...
I'd say it actually started on Monday (and I didn't even go into work), so I guess it would more accurately be described as "Just One of THOSE Weeks!" I also haven't been sleeping very well (weird dreams, uncomfortable pjs, bad pillow, etc). Oh, AND I missed GH yesterday (apparently the day someone blew up The Metro Court Hotel)!
I love the cold weather, but really, it's only worth it if you get the added benefits of Fun Snow and Snow Days (neither of which I think we will get). It supposedly snowed last night (I was still up when it was sleeting), and R claimed to have seen ice on the bridges, but--this morning--Nothing. A big fat Nothing. So, poo on you Mr. Weatherman! If you can't make it snow during the day--or at least give us enough to last through the night--just Keep It! I think I'd much rather not be cold (for no reason).

An Update on The Previous two Posts:
The cats are even more hilarious with that tent! I'll put it in one position before I leave in the morning, or before I go to bed, and by the time I get home (wake up) it's at the complete opposite side of the room! Reina (the big one) has decided that it's all hers and if Nabi even goes close to it, It's ON!

R really enjoyed having his XM radio on the drive yesterday. He even said that he was so "into" the talk (whatever it was) that he almost missed his turn!


At 1:35 PM, Blogger JustRun 's valuable input...

Oh yes, those days. Yuck. I especially hear you on the annoying noise part. Sometimes, if something whirrs or beeps at a bad time it's just about all I can do to not throw something.

That's cool about the XM. I don't have it but maybe someday... I have a big ipod so it'd be hard to justify that, too.

At 3:20 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

those kind of days are the worst!


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