Monday, February 26, 2007

Something to do with Chickens

Okay, so I'm almost 3 months out of graduation, and still no job. (Take a deep breath, mom--she has this thing about not wanting me to talk about job stuff.) I'm expecting a couple of phone calls this week--hopefully one from the job I really want. And, I'm down to my last month of being able to call myself and Intermittant Worker at MSU. R is still struggling with the jerks at his work, and we're still the "proud" owners of an old trailer.
But, yesterday, yesterday we did something fairly monumental (for us, at least). We rented a storage unit. And, we successfully moved a lot (I won't stretch the truth by saying "most") of our stuff into it. First, we drove the jeep over there to "try it on for size" (i.e. in case we have keep it in there for a little while--to prevent my parent's house from looking like a used car lot) and marked out the space required to fit one 1967 Jeep CJ5. Then, we took 3 trips (using both the Xterra and Toyota) to transfer bins, boxes, 2 pieces of sentimental furniture, one broken grill, one dirt bike, and one four-wheeler to the 10X20 unit. We sorted through some stuff and even made up a pretty big pile of stuff that we'll try to sell (Garage Sale). Whatever we don't sell will be sent off to the thrift store.
Anyways, back to the chickens... I was writing my mom's Morning Report (daily email tag thing we've started doing) when I made a hilarious (to me anyways) pun-sort of thing.

I'm starting to feel like the saying: Don't count your chickens
before they hatch. Or maybe it was: Don't put all your eggs in one
basket. Now that I think about it, it could be: Which came
first--the chicken or the egg? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it
had something to do with poultry and not getting ahead of yourself...

Okay, so maybe it's not as funny to you as it was to me, but keep in mind that this is exactly how it came to me. I didn't stop to think about it, or edit anything. This surprisingly expresses exactly how I'm feeling right now.
After our routine Sunday morning breakfast, and driving the jeep to check out the unit, we came to the Big Decision Time. For nearly an hour, R and I hashed over the reasons for and against getting a storage unit right now.
1a. Obviously, less junk around the house is a good thing. 1b.When we do put up our "For Sale" signs, the place will look bigger without all our stuff. 2. It will be less work for us when I do get The Call and need to leave. R won't be stuck moving all of our stuff by himself. 3a. We know that we have a storage unit big enough for everything and that our stuff will be safe (we've stored stuff here before). 3b. If we had waited until later, all the big ones might be gone, and this one has enough room for everything plus the jeep. 4. I have a sense of "control" and accomplishment if I can actually do something (anything) that puts us one step closer to getting out of here.
1. We might be here for a while and we'll have to pay the monthly rent regardless. 2. R doesn't want to keep his jeep in storage. 3. What if things work out different than what we planned and we have the opportunity (i.e. help and money) to take our stuff with us right away? 4. Leaving our stuff here means that we will have to come back to Starkville to get it.

By putting our things in storage, I feel like I am moving towards that elusive goal of Getting the Heck out of Mississippi. But, with no job and no concrete plan, am I getting ahead of myself? We're planning to talk to the landlords about their requirements for potential residents, so that we can go ahead and put up the "For Sale" signs and ads in the newspaper. But, what if we do sell the house? Where will we live? Rent a non-lease apartment? Crash with friends? Long-term hotel? On the other hand, would that be so bad? At least it would be one less thing for us to "drag around" when we do leave. And, it would be money in our pocket.
Am I getting ahead of myself or just being a good planner?


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