Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ready To Go

So, here's the gameplan: Tomorrow is my last day as an MSU employee. This weekend I will partake in my last Bulldog Bash event (eating my way through pounds of barbecue pork). Next week I will complete the pre-determined packing arrangement and have a "test-run" fitting everything (including the animals) in the truck. (Speaking of the truck, I'm supposed to be getting a new window this afternoon. The boss and mechanic guys at the landscaping company were very nice and took all my information yesterday. Thank goodness!) Either Thursday night or Friday morning (next week) R and I will pack up the truck and head off into the sunset. We should arrive in NM by Saturday morning, giving us the day to just relax (and get the cats acclimated to living with two other cats). Sunday, my gramma is hosting an Easter cookout, which we will both attend. Monday morning R will fly back to MS. He has a few days off work, so he can spend Tues and Wed with his family. I will return to MS mid-May, pick up a moving truck, help R pack up our stuff from storage, and we will make our final trip back to NM.
Since this may be sad news for some family members (mom & gramma--I wish I could visit with y'all before I leave!!), I'm including a few very cute pictures of my cats.
Reina says: "Don't tell me I'm fat, see how well I fit in this narrow windowsill!!"

"Momma says I shouldn't put my 'fat head' in the blinds, but I don't think she'll mind if I just push them aside."

Nabi offers her help organizing the important documents in our filing cabinet. I try to explain to her that she's mostly just in the way.


At 11:39 AM, Blogger dr. zombieswan 's valuable input...

I'm glad the company was helpful with your window. Accidents do happen, but people should be responsible about them when they cause them. And yes, thank God your window was all that was hurt!

Your dream is pretty obviously a fear about the new job. Take a deep breath. It'll be okay. It'll be scary too. But you're entering a new phase of life, and parts of it will suck but parts will be fabulous. Just think of how cool it will be to get a REAL paycheck. (Something I unfortunately have yet to really get... someday!)

I wish you were going to be around so that ya'll could come to my graduation in May. But there will be big parties some other time.

Have fun on the trip to ABQ. You won't get lost, in any way, metaphoric or real.

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous 's valuable input...

The Doc knows about that of which she speaks, believe her...
One request tho from an old lady, please continue the blog, or at least one like it. It is a connection and I look forward to reading it.
Love Gma M

At 1:49 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Aren't cats so helpful? they really are! Good luck with the cat bonding. They usually take for freaking ever, but it's worth it to have a cohesive cat family!
Beayyyyyoooooo-tiful pictures! I just love the kitties!

Good luck! so much to look forward to!


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