Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Mothership has Landed

Our new bookstore opened last week, OMG, you wouldn't belive it! I just wish I had some pics of the old one, so that you could have a better reference for how awesome this place really is.
But anyways, here's one of the entrances, looking towards the football stadium and the Center of Campus. The new bookstore is actually ALSO a Barnes and Noble, which leads to many opportunities for free reading and general meandering (if we can just figure out how to keep those darned freshmen out)!
Did I mention that, as a Barnes and Noble, the new Cullis Wade Depot (you know these buildings have to be named after everyone and their brother) is also home to Starkville's newest Coffee Shop, Starbucks! Not that I'm the hugest fan, but this Mocha Frappuccino was pretty awesome. And, since my early class (the one at 9) is right across the field, I might be hitting up the coffee on those "rough mornings." (Please feel free to send Starbucks gift cards at your leisure.) ***OMG! I didn't even realize this, but according to this guy, it also contains our counties' FIRST escalator!!***
This has nothing to do with coffee, or books (unless you feel so inclined to send gifts in either form to me), but I thought I'd include it. How can I explain that: YES, my PERMANENT address is a P.O. Box. In the 7.5 years I've been at Mississippi State/in Starkville, I have (physically) lived in 8 places (dorms, apartments, temporary residence, houses), but my P.O. Box has remained the SAME! So, WHY is it so difficult for UPS to deliver to a P.O. Box? It is a PHYSICAL location where I KNOW I will be able to get my mail. Why do they insist on dropping $200 worth of computer equipment on my front porch, in the middle of the day, when I live in a TRAILER PARK!! And, WHY can't my drivers license have a P.O. Box? A "permanent address" (NOT a P.O. Box) is required for a driver's license. How does this help me on the rare occassion that I get a ticket, and a WARRANT is sent out for me, and I have NO idea (because it was sent to the apartment I lived in 4 FOUR years ago)!!
Somebody needs to do something about this situation!


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

MMM Starbucks! Lucky! Every one for me is a drive. But I guess I save money not having one 'on the way' to work. Plus, all the calories I'd undoubtedly consume on a daily basis.
I work with mailing stuff every day at work, PO Boxes are always an issue. I don't get it either because we mail catalogs. They fit in a freaking PO box, but they always come back and cost us a fortune! Most greenhouses don't have mail boxes, only PO boxes.


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