Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Final Stretch and Minor Annoyance

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the the semester winds down I find myself facing two very serious final exams...the completion of three papers and one powerpoint presentation...and a small pile of work. What's that? Celina is actually going to do work? Yes, it's true. I've taken a long break (nearly 3 months) from the lab and now I finally have stuff to do! Can you believe it? And, what's more, I am actually excited about it! I have calculations, data input, and actual lab techniques to do. But first, I have to make it through these finals. So far today I have studied 3 chapters of Biochemistry and reviewed my old Exam 1. What of tomorrow? Ah, the possibilities are endless. On another note, I also have a "club" meeting this evening and a "group lunch" tomorrow.
Oh, and listen to this: Next Wednesday (mom, if you read this, please don't get mad) I will be going to court. It's nothing serious. See, back in October, when we were going down to Gulfport, I was stopped for "Disregard for traffic device" (read: running a stop sign). Wait, wait, let me explain. This highway runs for 120 miles between Meridian and Tupelo, MS. The speed limit is 55-70 (depending on where you are). And, there are 2 stop signs (15 miles apart) at 2 of the smallest "towns" you could imagine: Macon and Scooba (the Scooba link actually shows the exact intersection of said "violation"). Yeah, look 'em up, see if they're worth stopping for. Anyways, I've been driving this route since I started school in August 1999. That's over 6 YEARS of driving through this particular intersection. It's a 4-way stop complete with "stop ahead" signs and rumble strips. There are 2 gas stations--and not much else. Well, that fateful day R was sleeping and I was driving. Uneventful hour drive so far, stop (consider going to gas station, but decide not, and I KNOW I stopped), continue, see blue lights.

Officer: I suppose you don't know why I stopped you?
Me: Well sir, there was a stop back there, but I know I stopped.
Officer: Yes there was, but you didn't stop.
Me: I'm sorry sir, but I believe I did.
Officer: Well, I was at that gas station and I didn't see you stop.
Me: Did you see the car next to me stop? I know I stopped, sir. What else can I say?
Officer: I need your driver's license.
He took my license, went back to his car, and 15 minutes later returned with a ticket.
Officer: This ticket is for "disregard for traffic device." Here is the phone number for you to contact the courthouse.
Me: Yes sir.

I put it out of my mind for the weekend, and waited to call. The following Monday I found out that the ticket would cost $180! I also asked about the court date, it would've been the following Wed (I had an exam). I was allowed to change it for "The first Wed of the month." That's how "bustling" this town is--they only hold court once a month! So, on Wed I will be sitting in a rinky-dink courthouse with a few/bunch (?) of petty "offenders" pleading my case. It's not so much the money (although $180 is nothing to sneeze at), as it is the principle. I.KNOW.I.STOPPED. I drive a stick and I was in 1st gear. There was a car next to me, we stopped at the same time & drove off at the same time (but she pulled in the gas station). There was nobody else at the other stops, so was I supposed to count "5 mississippis" before pulling off? My theory is that "catching" people at the stop sign is their only source of city income. And, I just happened to be at the "wrong place, wrong time."


At 8:06 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

Good luck in court!

I am convinced that small towns like this thrive off of ticket income. Mr. S got pulled over in Seaman, OH (yes, laugh at that name) for going 69 in a 65. You don't see that type of diligence to speed everywhere. $70 for Seaman.

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Court scares me! Good luck! Power to the people! Hell no we won't go, and all that stuff!

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

I am nervous about going, but I really believe I did not do wrong! I have gotten tickets before--and just paid them--if I accepted the "charge."


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