Monday, November 21, 2005

A Busy Day

I've decided that blogging will be my reward after I've completed several hours of sincere, constructive Work-Time. That's how I find myself late this afternoon, ready to go home, blogging about random stuff.
I think I've convinced R to not fry the turkey. So, hopefully I'll be roasting it my way. Which brings me to my "Secret" of Turkey. And, I discovered these before becoming hooked on the Food Network, so please don't say I "copied" anything. I use an electric roaster, so the bird can cook overnight. (I'm not a morning person, cannot get up at some crazy hour to cook a turkey!) I prep the turkey by letting it thaw for several hours (until almost completely thawed). Then, I put lots of butter under the skin (between skin & muscle/meat). And I put a lot of spices (salt, pepper, chili powder, oregano, rosemary, whatever) inside the cavity. I put the whole thing in my electric roaster. I cut up some veggies (celery, carrots, and lots of onions) and put them inside and around the turkey. I add a can (or 2 if it's a big turkey) of chicken stock. I roast on high for about an hour, then on low overnight. I don't even baste it during this time. Then, whenever you're ready to eat (the next day), just baste a little, take some of the juices for gravy, and cut the turkey in the roaster. The meat will literally be falling off the bone, and the best pieces are those that fall in the juices!! YUM! Now that I think about it, maybe we better get 2 smaller turkeys, cuz I know we'll be fighting for the breasts!!
Since my in-laws will be my guests this year, I'd like to do most of the work (of course, momma has to do the dressing), so they can just relax! We also have a Football Game on Saturday. This game has always been on Thursday, but last year they changed it, and I guess they're sticking with the new thing. So, if you happen to catch the Egg Bowl on tv this weekend, keep an eye out for us!! Can you believe it, this is my 7th football season at MSU, and I have never gone to an Egg Bowl!?! I know, it's terrible, but at least I'll be going this year!
Why does this cat insist on driving me crazy??

Here she is on the shelf, curled up oh, so pretty On Top Of My Wedding Album (Like there is NOWHERE else to sleep)!
Now, they have fleas (thanks for letting them out, R) and they climb up on the bed and scratch themselves. So, lately, we've been keeping the door shut. But, last night, somehow, they managed to Open The Door! They don't have thumbs, nor are they tall enough to reach the knob, but sure enough, after several hours of scratching & shoving & crying & hurling their bodies at the door, they Did It! So I woke up with cats scratching & barfing on my bed! P.S. What flea medication do y'all recommend? We've tried several baths, collars, powders, and sprays, I guess it all comes down to Medication.


At 8:03 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Man you made me hungry for turkey!Thats the cutest pic of the kitty! Advantage is what I use. Kills fleas. Dead. LOL! You can get it pretty cheap at Dr. Fosters & Smith online, otherwise thru the vet.


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