Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

ACK! It's gotta be like, a gazillion degrees out today!! I break a sweat just walking the 20 feet from my office to my truck! At 9:00 this morning (when I left for work) it was already 88 degrees and 35% humidity! Then, when I went home for my General Hospital/lunch it was 104 degrees and 68% humidity!! This according to my handy-dandy outdoor thermometer (which is located on the porch: in the shade and cross-breezes)! And, the extreme temps are expected for the rest of the week!
We had a nice time on the coast. It's so nice to visit family (gramma, aunts, uncle --in laws) for any occassion that doesn't involve a funeral home! The cookout went well, and I enjoyed hearing the family tales of grampa and haunted houses/furniture. We also had a little time with our nephew (OMG, I can't belive this kid is already 9 months), who is currently in the scared of strangers phase. And, yes, R and I are strangers! :)
AJ, her boyfriend CL, R, and I went to TGIFriday's for appetizers and drinks (tried my first mojito: wasn't incredibly impressed), then went to see "You, Me, and Dupree." It was cute. But, I nearly fell asleep in the theater (that's what a 4.5 hour drive will do to you)! Aren't we just the little party animals!
Tonight is our Free Movie (curtesy of my Favorite radio station 99.9 The Fox) and I'm hoping to finally get to see "Click" (or maybe "Lake House" if I can convice R). Unfortunately, there isn't anything else we're interested in (already saw "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Superman," and "Cars"). My opinions: Pirates: The graphics were awesome, but honestly, I thought it was boring. I didn't want to admit that, but I heard a few other people who agreed, so at least I wasn't the only one who thought so. Superman: We bought superman 1 & 2 a few weeks ago, so I was all caught up on the story. I was really impressed with the graphics and movie as a whole, but my Suspension of Disbelief only goes so far. Cars: I love the Pixar movies, and this one didn't let me down. Don't know if it's a keeper (like Toy Story & Nemo), but I was happy with my cost of admission.
Well, I'm out of here.


At 10:24 PM, Blogger kaliblue 's valuable input...

Click is really good. I can't wait to go see "Talladega Nights Ballard of Ricky Bobby". Will Ferrell is just too crazy :-).

I use to love to hear stories from all 4 the Grandparents. Unfortunately I don't have any of them around anymore. Absorb all you can from them, so you can tell your children the stories. Better yet video tape a answer & question day with them. Trust me, someday you'll be glad you did:-).

At 8:07 AM, Blogger JustRun 's valuable input...

I saw You, Me & Dupree last week and though it was cute, I thought it could have been funnier. Kate Hudson is really funny but her role was too serious. And the whole thing with the dad, it seemed like that was there just for the sake of plot. Anyway... :-)

Also, I loved Cars!

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Mojitos are best made at home. That way you can make them sweeter and less minty! That's the only way I like them! You didn't like pirates? Perhaps I am just distracted by Johnny and Orlando's super hot-ness, that I didn't much care if the plot was sub par? I loved it.
I cant wait to see lady in the water!

At 1:11 PM, Blogger zombieswan 's valuable input...

I can make you a mojito that will make you a true believer. I've only had them at one restaurant where they are good, here in San Antonio. But man they are incredible when made right. I wouldn't expect TGIFridays to do it right. I myself like them both sweet & very minty. MMMMMMMM. :)

At 3:41 PM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

The last time I was in a theater was to see LOTR 3. Obviously I need to get out more often.

Loved Cars (don't ask how I have seen it). Not-So-Baby H ran around pretending to be Mater for days.

Have fun at the movies! We are going to the Reds game.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

Kali: We really liked Click. Of course I related to the "unhappiness" of an overworked hubby and R thought the "attack" on the boss was HILARIOUS!

JustRun: Yeah, you,me,&dupree was okay, and I thought the same thing about the dad's part.

Mon: Eh, I'm not so big on Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp. But "Lady in the Water"?? Yeah, that's on our To See list! I can't get the hang of making ANY drinks at home! I just can't measure/mix them to taste like they do at restaurants/bars! :(

Zombie: Tell you what, come visit us, we'll babysit & fix your computer and you can mix drinks (teach R how to make the Perfect Latte)! Sounds like a Good Deal?!

CCW: Wow! LOTR3?! It has been a while! Lemmie guess, you have a bootleg copy of Cars? (Shh! I won't tell!) :)

At 8:21 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

New movies always just appear at our house. I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy and then happily watch the movies.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Gary 's valuable input...

I'm not surprised about pirates. That's the way it usually goes with sequels. It is easy to recreate the characters, scenery, etc, but coming up with a great story is hard. But they make the movie anyway because even without a good story they know it will make money.

You are making me feel guilty. It is only about 95 degrees here in Houston this week. That's about average for July. Hang in there, I'm sure it will cool of some soon.


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