Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June 28

Was my 1-year Blog-iversary! Really, it's hard to believe that I've been sharing my life with the internet for a year. Somehow, I managed to miss that day, guess I must have been busy (or something). Let's see, how did I start blogging? Duh, I heard about my aunt-in-law's blog, started reading, and just loved the idea of sharing my life. Who does that? Are we bloggers unique people who don't have many "real" friends, so we find it necessary to talk about stuff to "virtual" friends? Are we so eager for acceptance and exposure that we assume that everyone will be thrilled to read about My Life? My first several posts mainly covered the whole "how I came to blogging," "who am i," etcetera. I posted a few pics of R & I from our wedding day. And over the past year I've blogged on many random topics, a few of which I can even remember. There was the 10-part "Head West" series. There were a few about ex-boyfriends. Several covered my job, school, and co-workers. Where did the rest of those 162 posts go? And, was it really only 162? That's only a 44% blog-rate! Some of you blog not just every day, but several times each day! How do you do it? I guess I just feel like you'd be entirely too bored if I tried to write something Wouldn't you? Well, I don't know, but I know I can do better than 44%. And QUALITY will be my key word. In fact, I already have 3 "draft" posts waiting for a day they feel appropriate.
Finally, I want to thank y'all for reading. I know who you are, My Readers. Wow. Doesn't that just feel weird: My Readers. And believe me, I check your blogs nearly every day. And, when something really strikes me, I go home and tell R about it! Y'all are like my neighbors, you know, we never talk more than "hello, some weather, huh?" But, I know which car is in your driveway, who your kid's best friend is, and how many times your dog crapped in the other neighbor's yard. I'm so thankful that y'all find me interesting enough to come back (again and again). And, when I say something that strikes you, you feel welcome to comment. So, with great big *HUGS* I say: "THANK YOU!"


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

HAPPY BELATED BLOG-VERSIRY!! You were my first real reader/commenter to my blog! (not counting people I know in real life) so I'm glad you're still around! I enjoy keeping up with your life!


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