Thursday, June 15, 2006

See, I was thinking...

I know I had something very interesting to talk about, but since I decided to put it off until the end of the day, I've completely forgotten. And, I'm sure it was a really good one!
So, I've been making decent progress on my thesis Lit Review chapters (3 of 'em), but not one of them is ready to be turned in for "professional" review. I am finding it extremely difficult to concentrate on all things work related. When I start tip-typing away on one chapter, I come across something that would be just perfect in the other chapter. After a few hours of flip-flopping between THREE topics, I get bored (or confused/frustrated), so I head up to the lab. Once there, I run some samples (takes 15-45 minutes) and wait (THAT's really the name of the game, just wait, because after 15-45 minutes of doing stuff I have to wait 2-4 hours for it to do it's thing). In that wait break, I hit up my favorite blogs, check and reply to email, and try to get re-interested in tip-typing thesis chapters. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ad infinitum.
To alleviate the monotony and help me feel constructive, I write lists. Yes, that's correct, lists. Currently I have 3 on my desk:
A) To Do Saturday (housecleaning day): laundry, vacuum, fridge, dishes, Birdy, litterbox, trash, bathroom, stuff back in bathroom, clean out storage bench, organize shed (this will most likely spill over to Sunday)
B) To Finish Bathroom: cut and install ceiling trim, caulk tub faucets, install tub fixtures, seal around tub/floor/wall, buy floor trim (cut & install), buy shelf/rack for inside shower, hang mirror, find new sink/vanity, seal floors, buy rug, buy trashcan/toothbrush/tp/soapholder set (to match snazzy new paint and fixtures)
C) For SC Trip: cooler, air matress/blankets, waterproof bags, watershoes?, swimsuit, board games, camera (need to find battery charger), food, drinks, MAP

Oh, I haven't mentioned the SC trip yet, have I? Well, in 3 weeks, I'll be going rafting with a group of my friends. Best bud AJ, high school buds JE & JH, her hubby MH and brother FB, and R & I are staying at this cabin in Mountain Rest, SC. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to stay in a place called Mountain Rest?! (ooh, wait, there IS a link for it...) They'll all get there around 6 on Friday, and R&I will get there around midnight (they're missing work & flying, while we're going to work & driving). Saturday we'll all hang out in the hot tub, maybe play a few board games (or bored games, as R calls them), and have ourselves a little part-ay. Bright and early Sunday we'll be headed down the Chattanooga River in some sort of floating rubber vessel. Hopefully, a fun 6-hours later, we'll settle back in to the cabin, cook up some burgers (or STEAKS, yum), and head home on Monday. It will be a quick weekend, but I'm thrilled, as I've NEVER been rafting before!
So, I want to be excited about that, but it's still 3 WEEKS away, and it gets really depressing when I think about all the other stuff I have to do/finish before then... Oh, and I really hope that nasty rash on my leg clears up by then! It's not poison ivy per se anymore, it has now progressed to a BIG nasty patch of pink and white crustiness (and still itches like the dickens)! YUK! Maybe I should google "rashes" and see if it's something a little more serious? Like Necrotizing Fasciitis? Really, I'm not a hyperchondriac (as a Microbiology major, I feel like I know a little about a lot, so I'd be able to ID many bacterial/viral diseases), and I hate going to the doc because they charge the co-pay even if all she says is "Yep, it's a rash, here's some benedryl cream." (Like when I was really sick right after NewYear's and she told me to "take tylenol, drink juice, and rest." Yeah, thanks bunches.) I'll refrain from posting new pics, as the rash is looking much, much grosser!


At 11:00 PM, Blogger kaliblue 's valuable input...

WOW !! ya'll are going to only a couple of hours from me. :-) We do the Ocoee every August. Love it..SOOOO much fun. Enjoy ya'll..

At 8:08 AM, Blogger JustRun 's valuable input...

While I do help you feel better, thanks for not posting pics of the rash. :-)

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Eek, hope you dont have the flesh eating virus! kidding, kidding. I'm one of those weirdos that puts chemicals on unknown rashes, or skin eruptions. Either I use tea tree oil, which is legit, or bleach, or fingernail polish remover. Nothing like a good chemical burn to get rid of insect bites, and rashs!
Your trip sounds like a blast! Rafting would be so fun!


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