Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back Home

We made it safely home, and are trying to get settled, cleaned, and prepped for our returns to work. The drive was relatively uneventful (nevermind the bunny and bird I hit, and deer I nearly hit--all in my first 3 hours of driving).
We had a WONDERFULLY AMAZING AND FANTASTIC time, and many pictures are soon to follow. I'd post a few now...but I'm still trying to upload some pics from the banquet I had a few weeks ago (it was requested that I put them up asap for others to use).
I had a nice relaxing birthday, spent good quality time with each member of my family, and even got my tan back!
Of course, it's hot as you know what here, and we already had the AC freeze up once! Well, it's back to uploading pics and getting stuff together for work tomorrow.


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Welcome home!


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