Friday, May 12, 2006

A List

It's almost 5:00 and there are a few things on my mind:
1. In 5 more days we will be packed up and headed out to New Mexico! We already have some stuff packed in the truck (the tent, air mattress, blankets, and snacks). Yes, we already bought our on-the-road snacks. And, yes, they are in the truck (that way I know R can't eat them all before we leave). By packing early, I can see physical signs that we are actually going somewhere.

2. In 12 days I will be 25 years old. Is that old? Not really, but it IS almost 30! I just hope somebody remembers to get me a cake!

3. I finished the first draft of my "Methods and Materials" thesis chapter. However, I am getting nowhere with the "Water Quality" section of the "Literature Review" chapter! I really wanted to have the first draft turned in for review by Monday. So, do I really believe that I will actually sit down at the computer and type up all the notes I've been taking? Probably not, but I'll take my paperwork home anyways, with high hopes.

4. Saturday, tomorrow, is my normal housecleaning day. But, we will be leaving on Wednesday and I know the house will get a little "messy" and need to be cleaned again by then. Do you see the dilemma: Should I clean house tomorrow AND Wednesday, or just wait to do it all on Wednesday? (It is not an option to NOT clean it before we leave--there's nothing worse than coming home from vacation and having to clean house! Nevermind that the cats will probably have catfood and hairballs everywhere!)

5. I asked a friend from work if he would watch/feed the cats, bird, turtle, and fish while we're gone over a month ago. I told my boss I was leaving 2 days ago. Does that show my priorities, or what?

6. My sister is graduating from high school and I'd like to do something nice for her. She's planning to come visit us in August and I told her that I'd help pay for the plane ticket (mom is paying part) and she didn't have to worry about anything (i.e. food, gas, etc) while she was here. Is that a good gift? I'd also like to give her something "small" at her party, any suggestions? My bestfriend got her an awesome gift--so great, in fact, that I wish I had thought of it (can't tell you what it is, b/c sis sometimes reads this)!

Well, R went home early today (got overheated doing "yard work" at work today), so it's off to take care of him and scrounge up some grub. Ta-Ta!

After reviewing this post, I notices several "problems" with my grammar, but you know what? It's 5:05, It's Friday, and I'm going home!


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Gary 's valuable input...

I hope you take lots of your wonderful pictures in New Mexico. I always look forward to seeing your pictures.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

I think when you turn 25 it's hard cus your a quarter of a century old, almost 30. But it's like all ages, when you look back you think, what was I thinking? I thought 30 was ancient, but here I am. Still a young buck! Enjoy it! I admire your priorities. Have you made the detailed instructions yet? When the cats have a mrr-ow that means they are hungry. If it's a m-ow, that means play w/me....Ok maybe not everyone does that. Just askin! lol. have a fun trip!!!!!!!!

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

Gary: Now that I have my OWN camera, I will definitely take lots of pics (and hopefully not LOSE them all)! But, probably won't be blogging from NM (mom still has dial up, BLEH!!).

Mon: Yeah, I'm really not concerned about "25." I already have a hubby, I will be finished with school soon, and hopefully will be starting a "career" soon...I have plenty of other things to worry about!
Now, as for the cats--the guy who's taking care of them has a cat, so he knows all about "moody" cats. And, they're not big on "loving on" strangers, so I don't think they'll be bugging him for that. But, I will still have to leave a long instructions list (cats: food, water, litterbox, hairballs; bird: food, water, cover, temperature; turtles&fish: food, they're not picky).

It's much easier to just take them to "gramma's" when we go somewhere, b/c she knows their moods/preferences, but since she's coming with us, that's not an option! :)

At 10:22 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

Hope you have a great trip!

25 is not almost 30. That starts at 27 when you are passed your mid 20's. However, I cannot talk because the minute I turned 31 I started saying I was almost 40.


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