Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blah, blah

I thought I had something to say, but now I can't remember what it was. So, I guess I'll just have to give you a bulleted list of whatever comes to mind.

1. I have this strange feeling that I should go home and pack. Not packing, as in some clothes for a weekend trip (which I will have to do for this weekend), but more like PACKING up the house to MOVE! Where am I going, you ask? I have no idea. I guess it's like when a pregnant woman feels the need to "nest," except this is sort of the opposite. Or perhaps it has something to do with my lack of control coming up in the next few months (what, with graduation, losing my job, finding a job, and moving somewhere far, far away)?

2. I will be driving to Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend, and am already nearly 1000 miles past due for an oil change. Yes, this needs to be taken care of very soon. Let me also say that we used to always do the Toyota's oil changes on our own, but the Xterra is a little harder (lower to the ground and less accessible). So, after all these years of KNOWING that the stuff only costs around $12 (oil & filter), it's hard to fork over the $30 that most places charge!

3. Why did R buy only 1 bag of the chocolate halloween candy (AND let the kids pick their own--duh, of course they'd rather have chocolate) and 2 bags of the "Kiddie Mix" which includes more FireBalls (yuk), JawBreakers (ouch), and Double Bubble (barf) than I would EVER eat? Oh, and he's already picked out and eaten all the Smarties!

4. The dog developed some sort of allergy back in September, and has chewed several areas on his legs, belly, and hiney nearly raw! The vet gave (right! really, they cost about $.75 each, and he takes 2-4 each day, depending on my memory) us some pills that help, but now he's out, and I'd like something a little more permanent. I mean, I couldn't even remeber a daily pill if I had to take it, let alone 2-4 for the dog! And, this is a relatively new thing (I'm thinking due to the chemicals/oils we've had in the shed since the arrival of the Jeep), so is it possible that his "allergy" will go away now that we've removed/cleaned all the chemicals?

5. R is playing a new computer game, some kind of "Capture the Flag," and I am slightly annoyed by the sexy lady who keeps saying "Blue flag taken," "Red flag taken," "Blue flag dropped, blue flag returned," and etc, etc! Sometimes it's more like "Re-Blue fla-red flag ret-blue flag returned." And that voice! If you didn't know english, you could very easily assume she was saying "Hi sexy, why don't you take those clothes off and get in my bed?"

6. Will I ever finally sit down and fill out a single.job.application? It's so intimidating and scary trying to explain that I do have the education and experience they're looking for! And then I look at the job descriptions and wonder, "would I really like doing that?" I know not everyone loves their job, but I hope to at least get a job I like, since I've "waited" so long and "done" so much school! Would any of y'all be interested in a part-time position as my Personal Assistant? The job details include researching jobs and completing applications, standing in for interviews is optional.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

I need a part time job. Sign me up! Just move to the great state of ohio where you will probably never find a job. It's pretty dry here. Even for retail.

My dog has allergies. She's on two pills. One is keta something, and the other is for yeast. I get it at the pharmacy cus it's cheaper. I have to take her script to my pharmacy. I guess it's quite common I thought they would laugh at me. Now, she only takes them when she is super bad with the itching.

What works wonderfully for itchy chewy dogs is head and shoulders, by itself, or even better, with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in. At least twice a week. After a few times, it'll stop the itching for days at a time. Tea tree oil is a great medication for just about everything. I use it on myself too.
My vet after years of medicating my dog has given me lots of over the counter alternatives to the itching and biting. It would be awful to feel that way, so itchy you have to chew yourself. I always feel bad for my dog.


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