Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs

But it only takes One Student and Many Months to write 50 pages! That's 50 pages not including title page, abstract, signature page, list of figures, table of contents, or bibliography! And, that's where I'm currently at in my Progress of Completing the Thesis. By the end, I suspect I'll have about 60-70 pages, so that means I'm nearly 85% finished. Total, my thesis package will be 75-80 pages. That's 2 years of my life, and a Master's Degree, nicely rolled up into a book the size of Maintaining and Reparing Your Scale Model Trains.
I know that has absolutely nothing to do with Cool Hand Luke, but I've been wanting to share that little piece of movie trivia (yes, I've watched the movie).
I'm thinking that I'll go ahead and take it down to the library (maybe Monday) to let them start looking over my formatting. I'm pretty sure I have things close to right, but you never know. And, since I'm trying to get my defense set up SOON, it can't hurt to get a little head start where I can. Really, I could have up to a month longer to get it all together, but I really hate being late! I'm hoping to have my defense in 2-3 weeks, but sooner would be better! You know I would really prefer to be like this other grad student (he's who I ask about nitpicky thesis questions), and already have my defense done and thesis turned in to the library, but...
Okay, I've made good progress today, and have a few things to do in the lab before class, so I better go. Hopefully (if I have time) tomorrow I'll tell y'all about my weekend in Gulfport.
Oh, and I'm sorry I'm slacking on my posting "schedele," but surely you understand that I've been very busy!


At 7:47 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

Glad things re moving right along!

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

wow, congrats on writing that much about something important! That's pretty unimagineable to me! I can write about nothing until the cows come home...but give me a topic and i freeze.


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