Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Thrills and Spills of Rollercoasters

Sunday, after a very light breakfast, we made it to Six Flags about 11:30. We were warned of impending weather, and rushed head-first into the first rollercoaster line.
First was the Georgia Scorcher. This is a fairly basic coaster, except that you stand up on it, oh, and we were in the FRONT CAR!
Next, we went on the newest and biggest coaster, the Goliath! This is not a pic of us, just showing you that the only thing holding us in the seats is a lap thing! Right after leaving the station, our first experience was a nearly 100-foot drop! AAAHHHHH!!!

This is a pic looking towards the Goliath track (turquoise & orange), with part of the Georgia Scorcher in the foreground (purple & yellow)! I kept my hands up for nearly the whole ride, but R wouldn't even lift his from his lap harness!!
After a few mellow rides (Log Plume & Log Boat), we found this carnival-like ride, (I can't remember the name, so we called it the Spin Cycle). R doesn't do circular rides (they make him way sick), so J and I did it on our own. Oh, boy! I guess I'm getting too old for circular rides, too! Because this thing made me so sick!
Right across from the "Spin Cycle" was The Ninja. We thought this looked like another pretty decent coaster, so we hopped on. Were we ever wrong! It was so jerky and the headrest things were just not cool! I got off of this one feeling like I had whiplash and a disjointed brain! (Not Good!)
We walked around, went on a few other mellow rides, bought $8 drinks, and waited to regain our composure from the Ninja.
Eventually, we made it to the Superman ride. Take note of the twists and bends of the track! This was our longest (and hottest) wait, nearly an hour (all the previous had been less than 30 min, and in the shade), but well worth it!
This is the group before us getting in their seats for the Superman ride. Note the bulky harness and leg restraints.
Here is the same group in the ready-to-ride position! Yes, you're looking at that right: Passengers ride in the Superman "flying" position! Now, go back up two pics and take a closer look at the track! This was one where they took your pic after one of the drops, and you should've seen us! My arms were flopping around (I like to keep my arms up on the coasters), J looked like she was going to cry (I think it was mostly G effects on her face), and R looked like he was in serious pain! :) Too bad they're so expensive, because those faces were Great!
A short thunder delay later, we managaed to ride the Deja Vu coaster. Unfortunately, R didn't have the stomach for this one. J and I were in the very back row, and the first thing it did was crank us to the top of this tower and DROP US! The train rushed back through the loading area (it's a rush just standing thisclose to it) and goes into a bunch of twists, turns, and loops, gets cranked up another tower and rushes through the whole thing again, BACKWARDS!
Before the rain finally kicked in, we also rode another water ride (J and I ended up under the waterfall and SOAKED), and one final coaster, The Mindbender (I was able to convince R to join us on that one, but there's no pic).
Right after we got off that, the skies opened wide (It was 6pm)! The only rides we had missed out on were the wooden coasters, but honestly, I'm not a big fan of the jerky, wobbly, whiplash-inducing rides, so it was no great loss.
Six Flags was awesome, and if you're ever in town and looking for a fun way to spend the day, it's highly recommended in my book!


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

omg that thing like the spin cycle is called the witches wheel at our six flags. That equals barf to me! I use to love it, but last time I rode it I couldn't wait to get off and I was sick for hours. The superman one looks like so much fun!! I would love that!!!
we have that one too that shoots you fast forward and twists, then backwards. That is a trip!!!!!! I havnt been to the parks since high school!!


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