Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mind Your MANRRS

Yes, I know that’s spelled incorrectly. MANRRS is an acronym for: Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences. And I am a member. Bright and Early tomorrow morning I will begin a long journey (not really, it’s “only” about 8 hours) to St. Louis for another conference. Now, if you look at the first two links, you might notice (especially the 1st) that most of the people in the pics are black. Uh, oh. I’ve never talked about “race” on my blog before. Anyways, it doesn’t matter to me. See, the group name is “Minorities” not “Blacks.” And, such that I AM Hispanic (still a Minority in Mississippi) and a woman (a Minority in my field), this group is applicable to me.
Anyways, I’m pretty excited about this conference. Seeing as how it’s not in “Rajin Cajun” country (i.e. Lafayette Louisiana), it can’t be all bad. And, my Gratest Hope/Wish is that I will meet someone (preferably from Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado) who has Just Been Looking for a 25 y/o hispanic woman to fill The Perfect Position.
But, being true to my natural character, I have to find something to complain about. So, in case you don’t remember, I HATE getting dressed up (see: But I don’t wanna wear a dress)!! Well, I was checking out the website for a schedule, and none was to be found (Uh, hello! SOME PEOPLE like to have a PLAN). More importantly, though, was the notice that there is a Closing Dance “A Black & White Affair.” Furthermore, we are expected to dress in formal to semi-formal attire (black & white only) for this banquet (there will even be a picture booth for those who are interested in buying pictures of themselves)! What? Is this like prom or something? The only “formal to semi-formal” anything I own (that is black or white) is my Wedding Dress!!
On top of that, we were told that we need to pack light/small because there are 9 of us going in one van (15-passenger) and there may not be enough room for “extra” stuff! So, say I had this hypothetical “semi-formal” attire. Where the heck would they expect me to put it? Oh, and don’t forget the shoes, purse, extra makeup, shaving utensils (you know, I’d have to shave my legs…oh, AND wear pantyhose), and etc??
I guess what I’m trying to say is: Wish Me Luck!


At 7:50 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Ohhh that'll be fun!! But yea, formal? Where does one shop for formal attire when you are an adult? I am totally out of the loop on that one!!!

At 7:24 AM, Blogger Gary 's valuable input...

You can skip shaving your legs if it's just semi-formal. If it's formal, though, I think you'll have to shave them. But you could get them waxed before you go. I hear that's a lot of fun. :)


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