Saturday, March 25, 2006

An Imperfect World

So, I've talked about all the construction going on around campus...but, today I'd really like to share my favorite project.

Once named "Malfunction Junction," this intersection is at the heart of Mississippi State University. Here is a picture taken last summer (according to their records) from the north, and facing south. The funny thing about this picture is that I don't know of a single time when I drove through and there were only 4 cars (well, 3 cars and a bus)! The angle is kind of funny, but what you can see is that this is a Major Intersection of 7 (yes SEVEN) roads leading to and through campus.

This is an aerial view of the same intersection (the top is north). See the green stuff? That's "Malfunction Junction" as it once was. A real mess, right? Now, you see the stuff outlined in red (and the blue stuff)? That's what's currently in place. Yeah, a lot of roads are missing!
So, I took this pic yesterday (looking northwest). On the map, this is the "sideways T" at the bottom of the blue part. See, there's the edge of the stadium.
Finally, here's looking due north, head on to the stadium. The whole purpose of re-constructing "Malfunction Junction" (well, besides getting rid of the "malfunction" part of it) is to create this HUGE field/park/tailgating area! That way the University has another way to charge alumni BIG $$ to "rent" a space, grill, and get drunk before football games!
Or, as I see it, destroying a Perfectly Imperfect part of MSU!


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Holey crap, that intersection would cripple me! I hate 4-way stops!!! I hate circles! No way I'd go that thing alone! No way!!! (bawk bawk)

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous 's valuable input...

The intersection had traffic lights and IMO wasn't that difficult to navigate if you paid attention to the lights.


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