Monday, August 01, 2005


So, school starts in 2.5 weeks and I'm trying to start on the right foot. Which means that I am attempting a "weekly schedule." Since I've been at college I have slowly transformed into a more organized and list-oriented person. I write lists for everything, not just groceries, but lists for "to do today," "to do this week," "to call," "to write," "to look up online," "housecleaning for the weekend," etc. Sometimes it gets a little ridiculous, but I feel more accomplished when I can look at the list with EVERYTHING crossed off!! Nevermind that the things are done, I need to see them XXXXXX'd off my LIST! And, when I've been asked (by Mr.I've-worked-soooo-hard today) "What did YOU do today?" I can say: "Look at this list! I did all of this!"
Anyways, this "weekly schedule" is my attempt at fitting classes and time in the lab together with "planned study hours" and my new workout schedule. I guess my reasoning is mostly to MAKE set hours for when I WILL be in the lab and when I WILL spend time studying. I can look at the schedule and tell myself: "You have to get off the computer at such-and-such time and go study for Statistics." Or: "You have an hour to watch TV before you go to the lab at whatever 'o clock."
Well, I guess I'll just have to see how it works out. We really have gotten more organized around the house too. Like our bill schedule--that has REALLY helped us get on track. And, I keep a planner/calander in my purse so I can always see what things are coming up. Maybe this schedule thing will work out after all?


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