Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hot or Cold?

My current complaint is all about air conditioning--or the lack of. I am a naturally hot person. Most "normal" temperatures are too warm for my comfort. In my home, I run the air conditioner almost ALL the time--usually keeping the house between 65F and 70F. In the winter, I turn the heat on just enough to break the chill. I have always felt this way. I don't really know why I developed these feelings, because I have lived in many different climates. And most of my life I have lived in the south: And it gets really, really HOT here! In a previous post, I mentioned that I would always rather be cold than hot. However, I do realize that not EVERYONE is like me. Some people feel like 75F is COLD. So, when you're in a situation or environment where these two extremes have to share space, who controls the thermostat? In my home, I provide blankets to guests who get cold. When I visit somebody's home, I would never ask him to turn up the air. So what happens when we're in a classroom together, or on a business trip in the same car? Back to my previous post:

Cold is cold, but if you're prepared, you can have alternate heat sources, blankets, a loved one to cuddle with, a roaring fire, etc, etc. But, if it is HOT (and, say the A/C is broke) there is not a single thing you can do! Even if you were to strip down naked, stand in the shade, and catch a small breeze--you would still be HOT!

So, why should I suffer? I can't take off MORE clothes, or fan myself, or stick my head out the window. But the cold people CAN put on more clothes, cover up with a blanket, or sit farther away from the air vents. Anyways, I guess it's all about compromise, I'm just tired of COMPROMISING MY comfort.


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