Monday, July 18, 2005

Working Out

Ok, so last week I started this new work out routine. At the time, I didn't know what I was starting, but here goes. My friend, we'll call him TR, called last Thursday wanting to know if the hubby and I wanted to "play tennis." Let me explain: We don't really PLAY TENNIS, we just smack the balls around. Anyways, hubby didn't want to go, but I did, so I went. We played for about 30 minutes before we were "kicked off" the court (we were at an apartment complex that neither of us lives at). Well, TR likes to play a few times a week, but doesn't really have anyone to play with, so I offered to join him in the future. Well, he called yesterday & invited us again. And again, I went. This time we managed to get a court on campus (no time or trespass limit) and played for an hour. We also discussed our future work-out schedule. We decided to play tennis (or raquetball if it's raining) on Monday & Friday, and on Wednesday we will do something different (aerobics, kickboxing, soccer, etc). I will leave work a little early (4:45), meet him at the site-of-activity, and we will have a 1hour workout. Then, I can get home, clean up, & have dinner with the hubby (at 6). So far we worked out Thursday, Sunday, and are scheduled for today. So, wish me luck with sticking to it!


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