Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ok, so last night, we were installing the ceiling fan and light fixtures in the computer room when all of a sudden the RAIN starts! We knew it was going to rain yesterday--you can just feel these things. Anyways, all rain. Until 9:00 last night, with us holding a half-complete ceiling fan, wires hanging from the ceiling and walls, etc. Lightning is flashing & the thunder is loud!
Next thing you know, we hear the TORNADO SIREN!! My husband says "Do you hear that?" And he starts going crazy: Get down from that ladder! Let go of those wires! Where are the flashlights and candles? Go get dressed (we had pajamas on)! He's running around like a maniac putting on jeans, t-shirt, and shoes. He's looking around--for what?
I say "Here is your flashlight and the candles, I'm dressed, calm down!" I turn on the TV to local stations but they don't have any "warnings" posted, and the Weather channel is on a special about some people caught in an avalanche last winter. He's on the Scanner Radio. We both catch the message that there is a "cluster of thunderstorms in W-SW Starkville, travelling SE through Oktibbeha County, with wind gusts up to 40mph." Our "local on the 8s" show a Dopplar Radar image of a tiny system passing DIRECTLY over us. Now he's a little more calm, no tornado warnings/watches. But why in the world did they have the Sirens going?? Anyways, we double check windows and "bad spots" for leaks, and there are none. The sirens turn off. He says "let's finish this fan and light." All is right in the world.


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