Monday, July 25, 2005

Busy weekend

This weekend, my husband and I did some "renovations" in his computer room. First, let me explain our house. Last fall we bought a 30-year-old trailer. It was in really, really rough shape and we had to pull up floors, tear down closets, replace appliances and fixtures, install new carpet/tiles, paint walls and ceilings, and do other various maintenance things. In all of this heavy-duty renovating, we neglected one room--the small bedroom (aka the Computer Room). This room was left entirely untouched (except for fixing the window when we took the AC out). The door to the computer room opens from the living room, but nobody goes in there besides my husband. And it is a MESS!!! He plays computer games, fixes broken computers, collects stuff (guns, tools, computers), and "lets loose" in this room. The only time I enter the room is when I pick up his stuff from around the house--then I put the pile on his desk--in the room. Well, for the past couple of weeks, he has been working on cleaning out some of his stuff, patching spots on the walls, and cleaning a large piece of carpet he bought. The plan was that THIS weekend we would paint the walls, caulk the ceiling, pull the old wires (hot wires hanging from the ceiling), install new light fixures and outlets, pull out the old carpet, fix soft spot in the floor (previous owner's crappy patch job), and install the new carpet. And, after a FULL DAY of work (Sunday), we actually completed all of these tasks (still have to trim a little of the carpet). This week we will move all his stuff (plus one new BIG desk) out of the living room and back into his room. Hopefully, in two weekends (have a wedding to go to in Florida this weekend) we will be able to complete the room: Paint the ceiling, install ceiling fan, and seal windows. Maybe after all that it will no longer be the computer room, it will just be the computer room.


At 7:30 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

I'm commenting a few days after the fact, sorry.

I just wanted to know if I could borrow you and your husband for my house?? You all are busy. All of our home improvements just drag on and on and on. Nothing ever actually gets completed. You all are inspirational!

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

sure we can help...for a price! ha ha! this has been the BIGGEST learning experience ever! We just keep telling ourselves that we're practicing for when we buy a REAL HOUSE!


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