Monday, February 27, 2006

To Do:

Okay, so obviously, I don't have anything interesting to I'll list all the things I have to do this week:

10:00 : Biochemistry Quiz
11:00 : in class
12:00-2:50 : Try to "learn" statistics
12:00-2:50 : Post something on the blog
3:00 : Statistics Exam
before end of day: Get as close to "finished" as possible on presentation (powerpoint)
9:00 : Finish counting & input data for water samples
11:00 : Show Grant my presentation (take critical review, make changes)
11:30 : Free bbq, ice cream, & t-shirts on campus (Happy Birthday, MSU!)
before end of day: Make suggested changes to presentation
before end of day: Pay 1st of month bills
10:00-12:00 : in class
12:00 : Show major prof. presentation (hopefully not too much critical review)
after 12:00 : Make changes to presentation
before end of day: clean house in preparation for my absence this weekend
9:00 : PRAY that it doesn't rain (this would give me work to do in the lab)
before end of day: FINISH presentation (get a final review)
??? : Meet somewhere for the carpool to conference in Louisiana (I guess these details--time & place--should be figured out SOON!)


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