Thursday, October 06, 2005

Looking to the Future

So, I've been listening to a lot of my old CDs and reminiscing...but I've had enough posts about the this one is Looking To The Future.
The next 1+ year of my life is already set--I need to finish school. I will graduate in December 2006, then what? I have already started talking to a the HR departments at a few companies I'm interested in (had planned to apply for a job when I finished my B.S.), and they know some very general information about me. So, when should I seriously send in applications? September, October (next year)? That gives me a few months to wait for a reply while I'm finishing up classes and paperwork (i.e. dissertation). Oh, God, how wonderful it would be to have a job--starting January 2007!! Hopefully they will have at least enough interest to set up interviews or something?
Now I want to play the "Let's Guess The Future" game...
November 1, 2006, I receive a call/email/letter from my Dream Job in Montana. They want to know if I can interview before Christmas.
Yes! Richard & I plan our vacation/anniversary trip to Montana (2 weeks sounds good).
The interview goes great, and by the time we leave, they've offered me a Job, starting mid-January 2007.
We return to Mississippi long enough for me to pack up a few more clothes and some other items, then I head back to Montana.
I find a nice and inexpensive apartment "just outside" of town. I find a nice church, meet with a few real estate agents, and make myself at home.
A month or two later, I am settled in my job, apartment, and town. Richard QUITS his job and starts packing our stuff (we have a lot of stuff).
Our stuff has arrived at the apartment and Richard is ready to leave Mississippi. He puts a "For Sale" sign on the house and gets a terrific offer a few days later.
A week later, he arrives in Montana with the cats and a wad of cash!

Of course, there are SO MANY things that we just cannot plan for: Weather (I've never been in a severe winter and Richard has never been in any kind of winter), Job (I just have to apply at the right place at the right time), Family (we're still trying to talk my MIL into moving with us *wink, wink, momma* and my family is still convinced we should go to New Mexico), House (we plan to buy or build eventually, but first we'll have to rent for a while, and HOPE we can get a decent offer for the trailer)...Sometimes I really wish I had a Crystal Ball that would let me see just a little bit of The Future! (Do any of y'all know a good psychic?)


At 9:06 AM, Blogger ccw 's valuable input...

Sorry, I don't know any psychics.

I certainly hope that everything goes as planned or as closely to your "dream" version as possible.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

too bad. it's just stressful to "not know" what's coming! i really have to work on putting more faith into God's Plan.


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