Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Times With Girl Friends

Usually when I make a trip down to Gulfport, I try to get together with my best-girl-friend, AA. Most of the time we'll meet up for dinner, a movie, or chat-time at her house. Sometimes her boyfriend, or other "random" friends will join us, but usually it's just me & her. Well, this time we were joined by 3 "other" girls. And, I must say, it was So Much Fun! The other girls were:
1. JH, out of the group, she & I were probably the closest in high school, but we have only talked a few times since graduating. She married her "high-school sweetheart," too. They started dating when we were sophomores (he was a senior). Now, she has two Beautiful Sons, and is teaching 1st (I think) grade. She's a very sweet person, was always the more mature, "motherly" one in our "group."
2. MV. (Still a close friend of JH.) All I knew about her in high school was that she was smart and quiet. She was also in band (as were most of the people I knew), and is now teaching (2nd grade?). For the past year she was teaching English to kindergarteners in Taiwan, and before that she was teaching in London. Next year she will be in Germany. Wow! She is still somewhat quiet (reserved), but once we "got her talking" she added a very "sweet" touch to our Girl-Time.
3. SM. (Still a close friend of AA.) Another "band person" who I didn't really know in high school. From what I can recall, she was kind of quiet, too. Now, she's very loud & outgoing--she's having a "rough time" with her boyfriend & spent some time on the phone yelling at/with him. She brought the aggressive/comic relief to Girl-Time.

All together, it was a good time. I went to JH's house & "met" MV (hadn't seen or heard about since high school), and we drove together. AA & SM met us at Chilis (5:00). We had good food and great conversation. We weren't planning to do anything else afterwards, but we "clicked" so well that we decided to go to AA's house and hang out (6:30). AA's boyfriend was there waiting for her, but accepted "all of us" very graciously (she'd been out of town for a few weeks, so we were kind of intruding on Their Time). He even made us rootbeer floats! We ended up talking about everything from 7th grade "hate letters" (they've all known each other that long--I didn't get there until 9th grade), to 9th grade homecoming, to our first Band Camp in 10th grade, to marriage, kids, jobs, and future plans. We even talked about the ONE GUY we ALL had a CRUSH on...SD...yeah, I've talked about him before (told ya he was AWESOME). We finally headed home around 10:00.
What a "breath of fresh air." You know, catching up with people who were all at the same place (high school), and are now doing such Different and Interesting Things. Instead of feeling so down about Gulfport...and all that...I feel refreshed.
And, on top of all that, my SIL will be having the baby (my nephew) Any Time Now! That will be another trip down! *cross fingers* Hope it's SOON!!


At 6:13 PM, Blogger MoDigli 's valuable input...

Mmmm... root beer floats!

Glad you had a nice time hanging out with your old friends. :) Nothing like it, really!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Mon 's valuable input...

Girls have that special bond, men could never understand. There really is nothing like hanging with the girls, it is refreshing! Especially when you are all friends for so long!

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Celina 's valuable input...

I just wish they were closer--sometimes I really need Girl Time...and that's hard to get when all my girl friends are 4 hours away! And, I don't have the time or patience to try to make "new" girl friends! (Besides, they're all sorority chicks here! Bleh!)

Her boyfriend earned Extra Brownie Points for the Rootbeer Floats! :)


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